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October 17, 2013 Newsletter

President's Annual Report 2013

Aloha Kuau Bayview Homeowners,

As you have no doubt noticed, we have had a very productive year in Kuau Bayview. Over the past year the Board has gotten to know each other and evolved into a very cohesive team with the common goal of making Kuau Bayview a wonderful place to live. This is one of the hardest working boards I have ever been on, and the integrity and commitment to the betterment of this community is truly outstanding.

We want to thank the owners for the tremendous amount of positive feedback and encouragement you have shown. We are all volunteers working on your behalf and we do not derive any benefits for ourselves. Our only reward is your gratitude. We are happy to notice a lot more smiling faces around the neighborhood these days. Considering some of the battles this neighborhood has weathered over the years, I think we can all be proud of where we are now. We are finally starting to show signs of coming together as a community looking out for each other.

Together we have accomplished a lot in the past year...

  • Our landscaping has never looked better. You have all seen Darlene Brothers & Tom Atkins working tirelessly down at the entrance many, many hours for no pay just to have our neighborhood look this good. We have to thank them for this supreme effort.
  • Our bookkeeping is finally in order and the financial records are available 24/7 for owners to see on their own computers. This is true transparency.
  • The Association records are being scanned and uploaded to the cloud so we will not have to worry about losing records in the future as happened in the past 8 years. This is a big job and will take some time, but major progress has been made.
  • Last year we did not spend any money at all on lawyers and more owners are up to date on their fee obligations than ever before.
  • For the first time, our retention basin is being properly managed thanks to the efforts of Tom Atkins and all his research & volunteer work in that area.
  • The new rock wall along Lae Street has been a real success solving both the overgrowth problem & erosion of the hillside. It is a wonderful addition to our neighborhood and has raised everyone's property values.
  • As I promised when you elected me, we have reduced our annual fees by a full two thirds by running this association like an efficient business.
  • We saved many thousands of dollars -- and gave it back to you -- by having skilled and competent business people helping us self govern and not wasting money on management companies who created more problems than they solved and were a very expensive drain on our resources.
  • We have plenty of reserve money in the bank and we are good stewards of this money that belongs to all the owners.

These are just a few things we were able to accomplish thanks to your trusting us to try something new. We count on your support and your confidence that what we are doing is positive and good for this neighborhood.

Even though there is still more than a month to go before the meeting on Nov 21, 2013, I urge all of you to return the proxies as soon as possible so we can be ensure there will be a quorum. Last year they didn't achieve a quorum so the HOA had to pay for another meeting a month later. Please fill out a proxy even if you plan to attend the meeting. If you attend, your proxy will be voided and you will be able to vote. Proxies can be emailed, mailed, placed in the drop box, or given to one of the Board members who will be knocking on doors. Mahalo!

And, if you haven't yet, please reply to this email to let us know if you accept these emails as sufficient notice of the Annual Meeting so we don't have to expend time and resources on snail mailing. Our goal eventually is to give owners more of a voice in the governance decisions affecting this community by using online polls and voting to give us instant feedback on issues as they come up. We encourage your participation and value your opinions. If we can take care of business more quickly using technology, we can devote time to organizing fun events for the community where neighbors can get to know each other, for example, playing baseball, or croquet, or having a picnic. The stronger our Ohana, the safer, healthier, and more secure will be the environment within which we and our children live our lives.

This is our home. Let's create the aloha we want to see around us.

Luba Reeves
Your President
Kuau Bayview Ohana

PS. If you would like more information about various issues in our neighborhood, please go to our website This website has everything you want to know about the postal boxes, the rock wall, the agenda for the meeting, our budget with all expenses spelled out in plain view, lots of photos, and more. It's all there for you on the website.

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