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December 15, 2015 Newsletter
Sea Turtles Watching Over Kuau Bayview

President's Annual Report 2015

Aloha Kuau Bayview Owners!

Another year has passed, all is well, and our Annual Homeowners' Meeting is almost upon us. As your President for the past three and a half years, I am very proud of what our Board has achieved on behalf of all the owners here.

Throughout 2015 we focused mainly on improving the aesthetic appeal & safety of the neighborhood...

  • You have probably noticed the huge improvement along the northern boundary of Kuau Bayview. Eighteen years of neglect & overgrowth on the hillside along Hana Hwy had totally hidden the rock wall. It was not a pretty sight. It took six months of intensive work to clean up that area, but I think you'll agree that it is looking much better. Even the state highway workers noticed the change and thanked Darlene for her efforts.
  • Clearing inside the rock wall along Hana Hwy enabled us to transfer responsibility for the landscaping maintenance of Easement 19 to the owners of Lots 43 to 49. Privacy fences were installed by the Lot 47 & 48 owners that will ensure that that hillside never again becomes an eyesore.
  • The Lae St hillside behind Lot 43 near Hana Hwy was cleared, terraced, and replanted. The original 4' fence was extended to 6' and a privacy screen installed. Huge improvement!
  • The vinyl fence above the KB sign was moved back one section allowing more visibility at the corner. It also restored access to the drain which had become completely blocked and allows for planting above the wall.
  • The sidewalks and walkways throughout Kuau Bayview were checked for passability and any problem areas addressed.
  • Tom Atkins removed the large thorn tree that had been hanging over the sidewalk toward the Paia Community Center. He even dug out the stump. That's the end of that problem forever... mahalo, Tom!
  • Tom also repaired the fence along the west side of the Retention Basin along the Paia Community Center using the chain link mesh removed from Lot 47.
  • In October we were gifted several large rocks by the workers installing a manhole at the Paia Community Center. The smaller rocks now adorn the rock garden and the huge ones were installed at the end of Hoe St to dissuade dirt bikers.
  • The entire irrigation manifold was dug up, redesigned, and replaced after one part after another began to fail. We obtained a $103 adjustment from the Water Department to offset the excess water charges.
  • This year we achieved a first with all annual dues paid within the first 3 weeks of January. Good effort, all!
  • We still have enough money to take care of all of our HOA expenses, so the annual dues will stay at $100.
  • As for crime, thankfully, this year we have had no reports of any break-ins or burglaries; however, the solar light thief struck again stealing 3 of our rope lights and destroying 2 more while trying to steal them. They even stole the blackjack to which they were attached.
  • We appreciate all the positive feedback we have received from owners. Your support and encouragement is essential as we continue to refine policies & procedures that will serve the best interests of our community now and in the future.

The Board members and I wish you and your family a Mele Kalikimaka with hopes for another prosperous year for all. We look forward to seeing you on January 7th. Please come enjoy the food and little gifts, and have some fun with your neighbors!

Luba Reeves
Kuau Bayview at Paia HOA

PS. It is very important that we achieve a quorum for the meeting, so please take a minute to fill out the Online Proxy Form using the security code above. It is very quick & easy. If you decide to attend the meeting, the proxy will be cancelled.

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