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November 9, 2016 Newsletter

President's Annual Report 2016

Aloha Kuau Bayview Homeowners:

As your President of Kuau Bayview Association, I want to inform all owners of the progress that has been accomplished in the past year. Below you will find a list of some of the improvements done this year. I have to share with you that the Board has had a very difficult year. The vast majority of owners have been model citizens, and that was wonderful. On the other hand, we had unpleasant disputes with two lot owners since September 2015. The voluntary efforts of the Board members and HOA Manager have been stressed to the max by this unexpected turn of events. As you may have witnessed if you attended the last Annual Meeting in January, the Board members & Manager have been under relentless attack by two homeowners for the entire year. We had to attend court FOUR times because the Lot 35 owners refused to make their sidewalk passable, ignored the law, and refused to pay what they still owe to the HOA. As of today the Lot 35 owners still owe the Association an amount equal to 18% of our entire HOA income for 2016. At the same time, the Lot 93 owner has inundated us with endless threats of lawsuits demanding $75,000+ for two small Plumeria branches that were cut that had been obstructing the sidewalk.

Because of this ongoing waste of HOA time and resources, we have no choice but to raise the annual dues in order to cover increased legal expenses. Instead of the low $100 rate we have all enjoyed since 2014, the annual dues will now be $175 for 2017 (or $236 for owners not accepting the Green Discount). When owners refuse to pay what they owe the HOA, or waste inordinate amounts of HOA resources, we all have to absorb the shortfalls. Hopefully, if things change in the future, we may be able to lower fees once again. This colossal waste of time resulted in the resignation of a great Board member, Dan Judson. Dan was an invaluable member of the Board and we will miss him greatly. Fortunately we have a new owner, Chris Fortescue, with excellent skills and HOA experience who has stepped up to take Dan's place. Mahalo, Chris!

  • With the heavy rainfall this year, the vegetation has grown at an unbelievable rate. Much work has gone into just trying to keep up with it.
  • A drainage pipe was installed along Lae St by Tom & Darlene to funnel storm water directly into the Retention Basin instead of washing across the sidewalk.
  • Tom cut down 3 huge thorn trees and a ficus tree in the RB which gave the houses along Hoe Place a better view of the sunset and ocean.
  • Tom & Dave Ingram have been cutting haole koa trees from the basin sides; these invasive weed trees had really gotten out of hand.
  • Darlene cut the Hau bush at the front entrance way back to give the rock garden more light and create a new look.
  • In July the County tree trimmers did an excellent job on the street trees and seem to be trimming more often than they did in past years.
  • In response to requests from a group of homeowners and working closely with the Maui County Parks Department and A&B Properties, the Board held an on-site meeting with owners on June 10, 2016 to definitively establish public ownership of the park strip running along the mauka border of Kuau Bayview. This 40-foot-wide park strip had been designed to afford walking access to the Makana Park entrance for owners living east of Lae St. This access can now be used without any concern about trespassing on private land.
  • Six houses have sold so far in 2016 for record high prices. Kuau Bayview is in high demand!

The 2016 Annual Meeting will be held Nov 17th at the Paia Community Center. Official notice of the meeting will be going out in October, but we wanted to let owners know about the dues increase as soon as possible.

Luba Reeves
Kuau Bayview at Paia HOA

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