2018 Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Welcome to 7 new owners: Lots 22, 24, 43, 47, 70, 77, 80.
  2. Determination of Quorum
  3. Call to Order
  4. Proof of Notice of Meeting
  5. Approval of Minutes of 2017 Annual Meeting
  6. Short visit from MPD Community Police Officer Kalama & Officer Munez to answer any questions owners may have about security in KB.
  7. 2018 Annual Report: Over the course of 2018 Kuau Bayview dealt with the repaving of Hana Hwy, the possibility of having the Paia Bypass use the Poni Place route that would bring it much too close to Kuau Bayview, a car crashing into the front garden and taking out a palm tree, a drunk driver knocking over our Lae St stop sign again, and the installation by A&B of cattle fencing along the east and south sides of KB.
  8. Financial Report: Cash assets of the HOA currently total $84,800.67. There were no unusual expenses this year thanks to no threats of lawsuits from the usual suspects. There have been 7 house sales in 2018, so if things continue like this throughout 2019, we may be able to reduce the fees slightly for 2020. All owners are paid in full except one delinquent owner (Lot 35 Boucher) who owes the HOA $3,110.24.
  9. Design Committee Report: Approvals included an addition, 2 major renovations, 2 rock walls, new roof shingles, new solar panels, new paint, and a few landscaping overhauls. Mahalo to all owners who are investing time and money in their properties.
  10. Grievance Report: Complaints included abuse of a tenant by a landlord, a rental property that is suspected of being an illegal couchsurfing.com location, concerns about homeless people sleeping in KB, excess parking on the streets, unleashed dogs in the park, and dogs barking. If anyone must park on the street (which is technically against the DCCRs), please park in front of your own house. Also please slow down when driving in Kuau Bayview for the sake of pets, children, and owners of pets & children who worry when they hear a vehicle approaching. People with no children (myself included) often don't realize how speeds that seem slow to us may cause others to worry. Let's all be more mindful in the 'hood and slow down! Mahalo.
  11. Landscape Report: The biggest change to the landscaping in 2018 was caused by a driver falling asleep and crashing her car into the Paia-side garden at the front entrance. The car took out one of the big palm trees and shoved one of the large boulders against the rock wall. The boulder is now back in the original position and the area is being re-landscaped. Trees overhanging the sidewalk to Paia were cut back because the falling Sea Grapes were making the sidewalk dangerous for pedestrians.
  12. Retention Basin Report: Volunteers Tom Atkins and Dave Ingram continue clearing the basin slopes of Haole Koa and other invasive plants. They create revetments by arranging the tree trunks in steps across the slopes to mitigate erosion. Routine maintenance of the basin and fence is performed following the guidelines in our Maintenance Policies & Procedures Manual. No expenses were incurred this year.
  13. Security Report: There was one case of vandalism and several instances of homeless, intoxicated people wandering the streets and trespassing in owners' yards, checking for unlocked cars, and siphoning gas. The police were called three times on a woman with dreadlocks who has become a persistent problem.
  14. Election of 3 Directors: Chris Fortescue (Lot 18), Shems Heartwell (Lot 57), & Bonnie McCrystal (Lot 47) are running for re-election. Sydney Schneider (Lot 80) will fulfill the remainder of George-ann Kealoha's term when she resigns. We thank these owners for their service to the community.
  15. Short Break while the Board elects Officers and owners socialize.
  16. Old Business: At our last Annual Meeting a representative of the Post Office tried to convince KB owners to give up our mailboxes in favor of CBUs. It is the Board's opinion that locking mailboxes are the best solution providing better security than CBUs while retaining convenience. You can see the type of locking mailbox we recommend at 15 S Laelua Place. Cost is $97.98 at Amazon and Lowe's. We'll see if we can get a group discount if there are enough people interested.
  17. New Business:
    • Ratification of 2019 Budget
    • Ratification of Actions & Decisions of the Board over the past year (Actions dated 2018-10-18)
    • Opinion Survey: Are owners interested in establishing view protections that would grandfather existing owners but restrict future buyers from raising their roofline? There will be no voting on this at this time. It will simply be an informational discussion to find out what owners want. Please complete the survey if you want your opinions included in the discussion. Opinions are posted on this page as they are received.
  18. Owners' Forum
  19. Adjournment
White Rose
White Rose