2017 Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Aloha to two new owners: Lot 37 and Lot 77.
  2. Determination of Quorum
  3. Call to Order
  4. Proof of Notice of Meeting
  5. Approval of Minutes of 2016 Annual Meeting
  6. President's Report:
  7. Financial Report: Cash assets of the HOA currently total $85,279.10. There were no extra expenses this year so we are able to reduce the fees for 2018. All owners are paid in full except one delinquent owner who owes the HOA $2,363.14.
  8. Design Committee Report: Approvals included a fence, new siding, new roof shingles, new solar panels, and new paint. Mahalo to all owners who are investing in their properties.
  9. Grievance Report: Complaints included a temporary fence, bee-keeping, roosters, and flooding. All issues were resolved. Unfortunately, two owners called the County on their neighbors instead of working things out amicably as we would have preferred.
  10. Landscape Report: The front entrance is ever-evolving as various overgrowth is cut way back & new plants are introduced. The Winter Starburst is a beautiful addition.
  11. Retention Basin Report: Tom Atkins & Dave Ingram (Lot 27) are making progress clearing the basin slopes of haole koa and other invasive plants. The basin is quite beautiful when cared for. A future costly expense was averted when Tom engineered a revetement using the haole koa trunks and large rocks donated by Laurent Guilleman (Lot 48). This successfully halted erosion alongside the driveway.
  12. Security Report: There have been 5 thefts in the past year, 2 from cars, and 3 from the same front lanai. A homeless man was living in Makana Park for a while in October but he seems to be gone now.
  13. Election of 2 Directors: Tom Atkins (Treasurer), George-ann Kealoha (Secretary) are running for re-election along with any new nominations.
  14. Short Break while the Board elects Officers
  15. Old Business:
    • What do members want the Board to do about delinquent owners?
    • Policy re For Sale signs at the front entrance?
  16. New Business:
    • Ratification of 2018 Budget
    • Ratification of Actions & Decisions of the Board over the past year
    • Annual Dues will decrease from $175 to $130 for the Green List (from $236 to $176 for snail mailers).
    • Water Dept tests indicate that all of our water pressure reducers likely need replacing. Pressure should be about 55 psi; most people have closer to 100 psi, which can cause pipe & water heater leaks.
  17. Owners' Forum
  18. Adjournment