Kuau Bayview Committees

All homeowners are welcome to participate in the management of Kuau Bayview at Paia subdivision by joining one or more of our Committees. You can even start your own Committee if there is something that particularly interests you. We value your help and wish to encourage your participation in making Kuau Bayview the most beautiful and best run neighborhood on Maui.

Design Committee

  • Darlene Brothers
  • Michael Baskin
  • George-ann Kealoha

Landscaping Committee

  • Darlene Brothers
  • Tom Atkins

Retention Basin Committee

  • Tom Atkins - Chairman
  • David Ingram (Lot 27)

Grievance Committee

  • Board of Directors

Neighborhood Watch

  • We decided to have the whole neighborhood participate in this by reporting all suspicious activity or crimes for distribution to the crime alert list. All incidents are posted on the KB Crime Log page. Also check out the Police Crime Map.

Please email the Board if you wish to contribute to the neighborhood in any way. Your efforts would be most welcome. Mahalo!

Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost: Phred & Phriend
Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost: Phred & Phriend