Legal Disclaimer

Kuau Bayview Maui is a website 100% owned by one member of the Kuau Bayview Homeowners' Association who happens to be the HOA Manager. The site owner has never been paid by the HOA for any of the work involved in creating this site; therefore, access to the site is entirely controlled by the owner. No one has any rights regarding access to the site. The owner is entitled to provide or withhold access as she sees fit. Anyone using the site to harass the Board members will be blocked.

Kuau Bayview Maui was created to serve as a source of information for all homeowners of Kuau Bayview. It does not claim to represent all homeowners or the Ku'au Bayview Homeowners' Association as a whole, or all Boards of Directors that have ever existed for the Ku'au Bayview Homeowners' Association... only the current Board. The site is a history and reference library of information and opinions about the Kuau Bayview at Paia subdivision and community. It is a tool which the HOA Manager created and uses to share information with other owners.

Great effort has gone into ensuring that the information on these pages is accurate; however, the owner cannot be held responsible for any inadvertent errors or omissions, or for the content of documents created by the various Boards or other homeowners over the years. All of the facts, figures, and opinions expressed are either opinions or transcriptions of documents received from the Board or other entities claiming that they are authorized documents. The owner cannot be held responsible for errors in other people's documents.

Please email with any corrections or additional information. Mahalo!

Haiku Garden Rainbow
Haiku Garden Rainbow