Grievance Status

The Grievance Committee handles complaints & covenant violations. We have Grievance Procedures in place and will do our best to resolve any issues that may come up. Owners should familiarize themselves with the DCCRs so as not to inadvertently commit violations. We would rather be problem-solvers than have to police the neighborhood.

If there are covenant violations in the neighborhood that are adversely affecting you, please fill out a Grievance Form and submit it by mail, email, or place it in the drop box at 37 Kaiea Place. Or you can just explain your problem using the contact form.

It is Board policy not to act on violations unless a complaint is filed except in cases where the violation is really bad and/or creates a potential danger to owners.

  • A complaint was received about an unsightly structure in the front yard of Lot 14 as well as fallen screen on the front door. The reeds were replaced on the structure and the screen repaired. Mahalo.
  • Complaints were received about the Lot 45 bulldog/mastiff, Tehani, running loose in the park and scaring other dogs and owners. Apparently this dog is going elsewhere to run.
  • Complaints were received about too many cars and strangers coming and going at Lot 40. Short term rentals are suspected by neighbors.
Lot 14 enclosure 2018-01-10
Lot 14 enclosure 2018-01-10