Irrigation System

There are 2 separate irrigation timers. A RainBird ESP Modular is in the metal box near the utility boxes (see manual). A battery-powered DIG 710P is near Hana Hwy on the Paia side. The DIG controls the sprinkler heads on both sides of the front entrance.

There are 10 irrigation valve boxes along Lae St. The one closest to Hana Hwy contains the turn-off for the water to the Hana Hwy boxes. The Zone 7 valve is in Box 6. The Zone 6 valve is in Box 7. Do not turn on this valve as there are broken pipes under the driveway at Lot 31.

There is a turn-off in the front box at Hana Hwy. This may control the water along Hana Hwy (?).

KB is legally required to have a backflow prevention test every February. Jay Nakashima at the Water Dept (270-6132) takes care of all County backflow tests. The KB valves were registered by Jay and passed the testing by Race of Pural Feb 28, 2013. Residential meters are under Land Use & Codes, but KB is under the Water Dept because our use is for irrigation only. Our system is up to water dept standards (eg. water meter is within 5 feet of the backflow prevention valve).

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