Kuau Bayview Homeowners' Association News

Latest News at Kuau Bayview

  • House sales have slowed down a bit since 2016, but Lot 77 sold within hours of being listed.
  • Except for a couple of grievances and a homeless guy in the park, life in Kuau Bayview has been very quiet this year. We like it that way!
  • We had a Water Department worker check the water pressure in Kuau Bayview. It was almost 100 psi at several houses. The pressure for residential houses should be between 50 and 60 psi. Apparently the pressure reducers installed when the houses were built wear out after 20 years such that the water now flows through at full pressure. This can cause pipes and water heaters to burst. You can buy a pressure gauge for about $10 at Home Depot to test your pressure by screwing it onto your hose bib.
  • A family has sent a letter to KB owners indicating their desire to buy a house in Kuau Bayview...
  • Schneider family wants to buy in Kuau Bayview

2018 Maintenance Fees

are due Jan 1st, 2018. Fees are $130 with the Green Discount and $176 without the discount. You can now pay by check, PayPal, or credit card. Please click for payment instructions.

Finances & Records

Current financials are available under the Finance menu. KB is in such great shape that we were able to lower the fees for 2018 from $175 to $130 (Green List) and from $236 to $176 for snail mailers.