How to Manage the Association Step-by-Step

  1. In QuickBooks, enter a statement charge for each owner and make sure the owner information is current.
  2. In late December & again in early January each a year, email statements to each owner reminding them that maintenance fees are due by Jan 15th.
  3. Prepare, print, and mail paper statements to the few owners who decline the green discount, or who do not have email.
  4. Owner checks will arrive in the mail or the drop box during January. Almost all checks arrive within two months of notice.
  5. Scan & stamp checks & apply payments to the owner accounts in QuickBooks as received.
  6. Update the database and print custom deposit slip with check numbers.
  7. Deposit checks at the bank (2 weeks worth at a time). This can be done by ATM to avoid daytime traffic.
  8. When needed, write a check to the landscaper (water is paid by automatic deduction from the bank account so nothing is required; we no longer have a MECO account as the irrigation timer is battery run).
  9. Periodically check the bank accounts to make sure all deposits & checks have gone through properly.
  10. Fill in the description field for each bank entry before taking a screen shot for the website. This is to help Dan & owners monitor the bank accounts.
  11. Once a month, add income & expenses to website tables.
  12. If necessary, phone, email, or write to delinquents to request payment.
  13. If a house is sold, fill out the escrow demand letter sent by the escrow company re maintenance fee status. Refer any document demands to website or attach pdfs. After closing, add new owner to owner list and QB; close account for seller in QB. Send welcome letter to new owner.
  14. Once a year, right after the Annual Meeting, mail or fax form gewtarv5.pdf to the state tax office to update the list of officers.
  15. Twice a year (Jan & July), pay GE taxes on bank interest (less than $5). Send in the annual reconciliation report with the Jan report. We HAVE to do this even though the amount is so small.
  16. Once a year (by Jan 30), send a Form 1099-MISC to the landscaper & any other contract workers (order the forms from the IRS in Nov). Send a copy to the IRS.
  17. Once a year (Feb 1st), renew insurance policies (Liability, D&O, Crime/Fidelity, Umbrella).
  18. Once a year (Feb), use the bank interest totals for the previous year to fill out the 1120-H income tax return.
  19. Once a year after you receive the orange card in the mail, and after Annual Meeting, file the Annual Corporate Report online for $2.50 (list officer names & addresses).
  20. Once a year (Jan), have Pural Water (242-7299) do the annual Backflow Prevention Device test for $98.
  21. Once a year (Nov), prepare an annual budget (usually similar to last year's).
  22. Once a year (Apr or May), hold an Annual General Meeting at the Paia Community Center to elect the Board of Directors.
  23. The Board of Directors meets at least once a year. Minutes of meetings are posted on the website.
  24. The Grievance Committee handles CC&R enforcement.
  25. The Design Committee monitors Lot & house modifications.