2020 Annual Meeting Agenda

  1. Introductions & Welcome
  2. Determination of Quorum
  3. Call to Order
  4. Proof of Notice of Meeting
  5. Approval of Minutes of 2019 Annual Meeting.
  6. Kuau Bayview 2020 Annual Report
  7. Financial Report: Cash assets of the HOA as of Oct 21st total $96,851.92. The insurance settlement for the 2018 car crash added $11,198.02 to our funds which enables us to reduce the 2021 annual dues to only $80. We are in very good shape financially. The only unusual expenses this year were $100 for two yards of compost for the new garden area and $50 for Naki to finish off the end of the rock wall where the rampart was removed. Five KB houses have sold in 2020 (Lots 8, 65, 86, & 57 twice). All owners are paid in full except one delinquent owner (Lot 35 Boucher) who owes the HOA $4,190.56.
  8. Design Committee: This year brought our neighborhood two pergolas, several new paint jobs & new roofs, new garage doors, a rock wall, a rock County strip, and a few landscaping overhauls. Mahalo to all owners who are investing in their homes thereby increasing property values for everyone.
  9. Grievance Committee: Since August the school at 42 N Laelua has disrupted more owners than any grievance we have ever had in Kuau Bayview. Although the Lot 45 owners claim they will never allow a school to operate on their property, nevertheless they have not been very helpful in getting it relocated.
  10. Retention Basin & Landscaping Report: The biggest change was the removal of the rock rampart. An estimated 21 tons of rock & cement was broken down and moved by hand by Tom & Darlene from the front garden into the Retention Basin (no mean feat). The original plan was to reduce the height of the rampart to the same height as the other rock walls but this turned out not to be possible because of the ground slope, so the whole thing had to be removed. Some of the rocks were used to prevent erosion along the base of the access road where storm water rushes out of the 24" culvert. Others were used to edge the garden beds. Also, the Winter Starburst turned out not to look as attractive once it gets bigger, so Darlene is in the process of replacing it on the Lae St hillside.

  11. Security Report: I am happy to say that there were no reports of car or house break-ins in 2020. In the late afternoon of Aug 14, 2020 I was working by the RB gate when thief Tyler Wallett walked by me carrying a no-doubt-stolen chain saw up Lae St toward the park. I ran after him and asked what he was doing. MPD came but they were too late. Tyler was observed crossing the park then cutting through my backyard to the old neighborhood (Kahiko St). My security cameras caught him still carrying the chain saw.
  12. Election of 2 Directors: Darlene 'Aaron' Brothers (Lot 7) & Samantha Spurgeon (Lot 37) are running for re-election. We are temporarily going to a 3-person Board until the school issue is resolved because the teacher's lawyer has threatened the Board members who understandably wish to wait until the threats have stopped before serving. We will return to a 5-person Board as soon as possible.
  13. Old Business: At the last Annual Meeting owners agreed to let Darlene & Tom knock down the rock rampart. This was done and was described under the Landscaping Report above. We now have a nice new garden area to the right of the Retention Basin gate.
  14. New Business:
    • Ratification of 2021 Budget. Some of the more than $13,000 profit from 2020 will be applied to the 2021 expenses so that, even with the reduced income for 2021 due to the fee reduction, we will still be $5000 ahead.
    • Ratification of Actions & Decisions of the Board over the past year (Actions dated 2020-06-16, 2020-10-02), and 2020-10-22. These actions related primarily to changes in Directors to protect the HOA from people with personal agendas that were not in the best interests of the Association. All actions by the rogue Board members in Aug and Sept were illegal and will not be ratified.
    • Proposed Rock Wall on Lae St: Aaron is proposing the idea of replacing the 138' chain link fence along Lae St between the RB gate and the utility box area with a 3 foot rock wall with 3 feet of chain link fence on top. The chain link fence surrounding the Retention Basin will need to be replaced in the next few years anyway, so upgrading this section would be part of that ongoing maintenance responsibility while at the same time upgrading the look of the front entrance. Owners feedback requested. A quote of $10,000 was obtained on Oct 26, 2020. By way of comparison, the 198' rock wall that was built on the east side of Lae St in Sept 2012 cost $10,000.
    • Proposed Policy based on Proposed Amendment to the DCCRs: As it is almost impossible to change the DCCRs, the Board would like feedback from owners on the idea of removing some outdated prohibitions on building materials that exist in the DCCRs. Building materials have vastly improved since 1996 so we feel it would benefit owners to be able to use modern materials that may not have existed in 1996. The Design Committee feels uncomfortable approving materials that are expressly prohibited in the DCCRs.
    • Realtors: The Board will be adopting a policy that excludes realtors from holding Board positions unless they sign an affidavit agreeing not to market to owners or to seek to buy or sell properties in the Association. Realtor-Directors have unfair advantage over other realtors in the neighborhood, and the obvious conflicts of interest contributed greatly to our recent bad experience. Other Boards across the country have had similar problems with realtors on Boards.
    • Home Businesses: After the experience with the school, the Board is considering setting a policy that requires any home business that brings customers into Kuau Bayview to be approved by the Board first. This could include child care facilities, yoga classes, meditation groups, and the like. The HOA needs to be aware of such operations in advance so that there are agreements in place and protections for the community so that, if there are any abuses, the Board can send a cease and desist letter. Of course home businesses that don't bring customers, or very seldom, would not be affected. Owners please discuss and offer suggestions via email in advance of the meeting so that your ideas can be presented to the membership.
    • Trees: Now that Kuau Bayview is 24 years old, trees and bushes that were planted over 20 years ago in many cases have grown larger than most owners anticipated. We are asking owners to please inspect their landscaping to see if there is any vegetation that may need trimming. The DCCRs set a height limit of 30 feet for trees and 7 feet for hedges used as fences. Some trees may be blocking views for neighbors without adding any benefit. So please check and consider trimming or even removing trees.
    • Landscaper Noise: In the interest of preserving quiet time, several owners have suggested setting a morning start time for landscapers using power tools. Please ask your landscapers to schedule their work in KB to M-F after 10am. Mahalo.
    • One owner proposed creating a community platform for the neighborhood to post updates, items for sale, help wanted, etc. If there is sufficient interest, I can look into this idea.
  15. Owners' Forum
  16. Adjournment
Blue rocks edging front KB garden
Blue rocks edging front KB garden
Lae St Hillside Flowers
Lae St Hillside Flowers
Agave in full flower on Lae St
Agave in full flower on Lae St
Blue rocks in the Retention Basin
Blue rocks in the Retention Basin