2020 Kuau Bayview Board of Directors

The Board's Mission Statement.

Darlene Brothers

Aaron Darlene Brothers - President & HOA Manager

Aaron Darlene Brothers has been an original homeowner in Kuau Bayview since 1997. As the KB HOA Manager, Aaron does all the accounting, writing & record-keeping, created & maintains the website, and does the landscaping for Kuau Bayview. Having graduated university summa cum laude with an MA, she then earned further certificates in computer programming before forming her own corporation in 1986 in which she serves as a business and computer consultant, Systems Analyst, Database Systems Designer, Fraud Examiner, Database Management Systems Programmer, Web Developer, Network Systems Administrator, and computer hardware technician. She is happy to share her skills with her home community. Aaron's philosophy of HOA management.

Tom Atkins

Tom Atkins - Secretary & Retention Basin Committee

Tom Atkins moved from South Padre Island, TX, to KB in March 2012. He holds a Master's degree in Community Health from the University of Washington. He is a retired Dentist who served as a commissioned officer with the US Public Health Service for many years working primarily with Native American Indians. He is an avid researcher, an amateur botanist, and brings many other science-based skills to the table. In Texas, he was an active participant in many aspects of condominium life for 9 years, attending all annual meetings and filling in for the Property Manager on many occasions. As Chairman of the Repair Committee, he wrote a number of technical manuals for managing the equipment in the mechanical room, the elevator, the stairwell emergency lighting system, and the spa & swimming pool area.

Tom has saved the HOA thousands of dollars as a volunteer removing problem trees, and clearing & hauling green waste to the dump. The excellent Retention Basin Maintenance Plan is the result of months of Tom's explorations and research in the basin and surrounding areas. He has taken steps to ensure that all aspects of storm water drainage in KB are maintained properly.

Samantha Spurgeon

Samantha Spurgeon - Treasurer

Originally from the UK, Nik and Samantha Spurgeon are both in the hospitality industry and have lived and worked in Europe, Caribbean, French Polynesia, and the USA. They have worked in some of the best hotels and resorts in the world and have travelled extensively throughout their careers.

In 2012 their work brought them to Maui which they now consider home. They have maintained a house here ever since, moving to Ku'au Bayview in February 2017. They are passionate about Hawaii, the Aina, and the Ohana and truly know and understand how privileged we are to live here. They are committed to ensuring our neighborhood is taken care of and respected. We are so lucky to have such an outstanding couple willing to represent our community.

Ku'au Bayview at Paia Homeowners' Association is a non-profit corporation and as such is required to file an annual report with the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs. The current officers & directors of the corporation are listed on the State of Hawaii DCCA Business Registration Division website.

Palm tree at the shoreline
Palm tree at the shoreline
Remote beach on Maui
Remote beach on Maui