Board Reference Library

  1. How to Book The Paia Community Center
  2. The Role of Today's HOA Board of Directors
  3. Writing Proper Meeting Minutes
  4. Drafting Association Rules
  5. Holding Effective Meetings
  6. The Art of HOA Leadership
  7. The Role of President
  8. The Role of Board Member
  9. What is a Board's "Fiduciary Duty?"
  10. HRS 514B-146 on Liens & Foreclosures
  11. CAI on HOAs & Foreclosures
  12. Association Collection Basics
  13. Your HOA can Legally Collect Rents from Your Tenants
  14. Making the Most of the Annual Meeting
  15. 10 Things to Avoid at All Costs
  16. HRS Chapter 421J for Planned Community Associations
  17. HRS Chapter 514A for Condominium Property Regimes
  18. HRS Chapter 514B for Condominiums
  19. HRS Chapter 414D for Hawaii Non-Profit Corporations
  20. Robert's Rules of Order: rules of conduct for all meetings
  21. Hawaii Revised Statutes Search
  22. Maui County Building & Zoning Codes - Click on Title 19 - Article II - Chapter 19.08 Residential Districts
  23. Maui Property Tax Search
  24. Maui County Building Permit Database
  25. County Request for Service (RFS) - SeeClickFix
  26. Professional (Contractors, Realtors) License Search
  27. Bureau of Conveyances Property Lien Search
  28. Hawaii Official Land Records Search
  29. Property Management requirements in Hawaii
  30. Maui Civil & Criminal Court Records
  31. Hawaii GE Tax License Search
  32. TRO Info
  33. How to file a case in Small Claims Court Maui
  34. Home Drainage Problem Info
  35. 2018 Uniform Plumbing Code Hawaii
  36. Maui County Public Documents
  37. Hawaii State Public Maps
  38. Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  39. Post-Construction Runoff Control
  40. PayPal Fee Calculator
  41. Word Count Tool
Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost: My Studio
Painting by Curtis Wilson Cost: My Studio