KB Maintenance Fee Payments

  • Maintenance fees are payable in one annual payment due January 1st and late after the 15th. Statements will be emailed to owners in mid December. You can pay anytime as long as you realize that payments will not be deposited until January 2nd to be within the proper fiscal year.
  • *** BONUS ***: Fees for 2021 will be only $80 for all owners whose accounts are fully paid. Any owner who wishes to decline the bonus because they don't need the money, please let me know and you will be billed the regular rate ($130). On July 22, 2018 a car crashed into our front entrance garden and it took over two years to obtain an insurance settlement of $11,198.02. As all owners were injured by the damage to our garden aesthetics, Tom and I feel it is appropriate to give some of that money back to the owners and keep the rest in the bank for future landscaping needs.

  • Normally fees are $130 for owners opting for the Green Discount by agreeing to accept email & the website for all HOA communications. Fees are $176 for owners who choose snail mail even though they have an email address, to cover the extra costs & time required to service antiquated, non-environmentally-conscious technology. Each year the average American uses paper products equivalent to 7 trees. We prefer trees over paper. It is not necessary to include the statement with your check. An acknowledgement of payment will be emailed upon receipt of your check.
  • Please make checks payable to 'Kuau Bayview' and place them postage-free in the Kuau Bayview HOA drop box at 37 Kaiea Place, or mail them to:

        Kuau Bayview
        37 Kaiea Place
        Paia, HI 96779-8108

  • Mail in the drop box is collected daily and is just as safe as the US postal service.

Paying via PayPal

  • For your convenience, if you prefer, you can now pay via PayPal or credit card. If you have a PayPal account and do a Friend transfer to the HOA PayPal account at kuaubayviewmaui@gmail.com, there are no additional fees, ie. you pay $130. But if you use PayPal to pay by credit card, YOU must pay the fee they charge (2.9% + 30 cents per transaction). The $4.19 PayPal fee has been added to the Green $130 rate and the $5.57 PayPal fee has been added to the Standard $176 rate. If your payment is late (after Jan 15), please choose the appropriate option with the $15 late fee added. You do not need a PayPal account to use this method.
    2020 Annual Dues + PayPal Fees

Late Fees

  • Late fees of $15 per month will be applied to payments postmarked after Jan 15th. If your email address changes, or your payment will be late for whatever reason, please let us know.
  • Owners who still owe money to the Association after one year become ineligible for any fee discounts and must pay the non-discounted rate ($176).
  • In 2013 we thoroughly explored the possibility of using ACH (Automated Clearing House) fee payments, whereby the annual dues would be automatically debited from owners' bank accounts. Here are the numerous reasons why we decided against auto-debits.
  • The Association is required to retain a certain amount of funds in reserve for maintenance and/or replacement of the Association assets. Assets include the retention basin fence, the Hana Hwy rock wall, the Lae St rock wall, and the irrigation system (timers, valves, sprinkler heads, pipes, etc). We have estimated that $60,000 in reserves is a good level to maintain. Our reserves are fully funded.
  • Due to the mishandling of the Association records between June 2004 and June 2012, the owner accounts had to be pieced together from paper records and corrected one-by-one. The data was rebuilt in a database and Payment Histories from 2004 to date were sent to each owner for verification. Thousands of dollars in excessive late fees & fines were credited back to the owners. All owner accounts have been corrected and are now accurate.
  • By 2014 we had every owner account balance down to $0.00. From then on everyone became responsible for paying their fees on time. The Board ruled that there would be no more waiving of late fees as there is no legitimate reason why any owner cannot pay on time. We are all adults here and it is not fair to the owners who do pay on time for a couple of owners to think that they don't have to pay their share.
Kuau Bayview drop box at 37 Kaiea Place
Kuau Bayview drop box at 37 Kaiea Place
Scarlet Lily by Michael Cromwell
Scarlet Lily by Michael Cromwell