Kuau Bayview Insurance Coverage

Dana Cagen, owner of Lot 2, is our insurance agent with Pyramid Insurance Center, Ltd. in Kahului, Maui. Dana has saved us thousands of dollars while maintaining the same level of coverage we had prior to 2013.

Annual Insurance Summaries

Insurance Policies

    2013 GL Policy         2013 D&O Policy         Crime/Fidelity Bond Policy


According to Section 3 (e) of the Declaration, we are required to carry General Liability and Directors & Officers insurance. Fidelity Bond and Umbrella are optional.

3 (e) Insurance. To the extent available and obtainable at a reasonable cost, the Association shall maintain the following insurance upon all Common Areas and Improvements and Facilities:
  1. Fire and hazard insurance covering the full replacement cost (with a reasonable deductible) of all Improvements and Facilities;
  2. Liability insurance with combined single limit coverage of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence for bodily injury or death to one or more persons and for property damage, naming the Association and Declarant as insureds, subject to increase from time to time as required by Declarant in its reasonable business judgment; and
  3. Fidelity insurance [D&O] with respect to the acts or omissions of the directors and officers of the Association.
The Association shall also maintain such other insurance as may be from time to time determined by the Board of Directors.
  • Policy rates are based on the number of units in the Association (92).
  • D&O insurance pays to protect Board members if they are sued. It does not cover if the Board wishes to sue someone else.
Bali Hai Stream on Kauai
Bali Hai Stream on Kauai