HOA Issues - Current and Past

In keeping with the Board's transparency policy and the responsibility to preserve historical records for the HOA, our goal is to make information regarding all issues in Kuau Bayview available to all owners:

  1. 2016-06-30: Boucher Landscaping Violation Photos
  2. 2016-06-10: The Makana Park Strip Issue
  3. 2016-06-10: The Makana Park Strip Photos
  4. 2016-01-07: Karen Chun Annual Meeting Flyer
  5. 2016-01-07: Karen Chun Emails to the Board
  6. 2015-12-04: Karen Chun Attorney Letter
  7. 2015-11-12: Karen Chun Tree Trimming Drama
    Kahakaloa Sunset from Paia
    Kahakaloa Sunset from Paia