Lae St 2010

Despite the thousands of dollars we have paid landscapers over the years, they consistently failed to maintain the Hana side of Lae St and it became more and more of an eyesore.

This area runs 200 feet along the backs of Lots 41, 42, and 43. It became so overgrown that it encroached on the sidewalk and totally obscured the traffic signs. The weed vines killed the Bougainvillea and croton underneath. The Bougainvillea grew 20 and 30 feet up into the canopies of the County trees preventing the tree trimmers from servicing these trees.

As this is the first view visitors see of Kuau Bayview, it gives a terrible impression. Volunteers are currently cleaning this up. We plan to build a 3 foot rock wall running from the Lot 30 rock wall to the rock wall at Hana Hwy to permanently solve this problem.

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