Lot 43

These are the before and after photos of the Lae St landscaping easement along Lot 43 at the entrance to Kuau Bayview. This makeover was completed on May 31, 2015. The original 4' chain link fence was extended by Tom Atkins to 6'3" using parts from the fence removed from Lot 47, and then a black 6' by 50' fence screen was installed to provide privacy to the new owners of Lot 43.

Over the past 15 years that hillside had been used as a dump for dead Areca fronds which became covered by a thin veneer of Plumbago. As the Plumbago would never grow any taller, it was removed along with the copious debris and replaced with Variegated Hibiscus which is fast-growing and will eventually provide a thick wall of greenery for privacy and sound deadening.

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