Board Mission Statement

This is the mission statement of the current Board of Directors of the Kuau Bayview at Paia Homeowners' Association...

  1. We promise to work in our best capacity to represent equally all of the homeowners of Kuau Bayview. We will work on their behalf without prejudice, in the fairest way possible for all, without seeking pay or personal gain.
  2. We will strive to save this Association money for the benefit of all members.
  3. We promise to work as a team, and not let personal issues or agendas cloud our judgment.
  4. We promise to treat other Board members and all owners with respect, no matter what their perspectives may be on any particular issue.
  5. We promise to reveal any conflict of interest, and refrain from voting, on any issue from which we could derive personal benefit.
  6. We promise to hold the best interests of the Association first and foremost in all actions, and to exercise due diligence by researching and educating ourselves prior to making decisions.
  7. We promise to obey our governing documents to the best of our abilities. When in doubt, we will consult an authority to clarify issues for us, and when appropriate, an attorney.
  8. We promise to be good custodians of all Association assets, records, and digital data entrusted to our care, and to carry out our duties competently and with respect for all owners' rights and privacy.
  9. We promise to use any legal means available if necessary to protect the Association, and any homeowners who are working for the good of the Association, from harassment, intimidation, and threats from other homeowners whose agendas may run contrary to the best interests of the Association as a whole.
Kuau Bayview rock garden Sept 2013
Kuau Bayview rock garden Sept 2013