Paia Bypass Road 2018

The Hawaii State Department of Transportation (DOT) proposed alignment for the Paia Relief Route, ie. Paia Bypass Road, is not the Sunnyside route we have all been led to believe for the past 20 years. It is not the route recommended by the Advisory Committee. DOT Planning Branch Program Manager Ken Tatsuguchi & Cheryl Soon of SSFM appear to have chosen a route that will start at Baldwin Beach, cross Baldwin Ave at Poni Place, pass mauka of Kuau Bayview, and re-join Hana Hwy just west of Kuau Mart at Waa Place. This proposed route will destroy the quality of life for everyone who lives in Paia, especially those in Kuau Bayview, Kuau town, and near Poni Place without even solving the traffic problem. The Kala/Sunnyside/Paia Mill/Hamakuapoko Roads are all owned by the County so the County would not have to buy that land, unlike their proposed route.

The following slideshows illustrate the suitability of the Sunnyside route for the bypass we would support and the unsuitability of the Poni Place route we will not support:

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Upcoming Meetings & Legislation

  • MEETING POSTPONED UNTIL MAY or JUNE: Tues, Apr 17, 2018 at 5:30pm at the Paia Community Center: informational meeting by the State Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration to address traffic congestion.

Documents, Maps, & Useful Links

Here are some older documents that provide a history of efforts made since 1990 to determine a route for the Paia Bypass. If anyone has any others, please send them and I'll add them to the list so that we can all get up to speed on this topic...

Paia Relief Route Proposed 2014
Paia Relief Route Proposed 2014