2022 Annual Meeting Online Proxy

Annual Membership Meeting of the Kuau Bayview at Paia Homeowners' Association

Thursday, Dec 1, 2022 at 6:30 pm
via Zoom

Why is Your Proxy Important?

As a non-profit corporation, Kuau Bayview is legally required to have an Annual Meeting each year. By Hawaii State law, there must be a minimum (a quorum) of 47 houses represented in order to legally conduct any business. If there are fewer than 47, we must schedule more meetings until a quorum is reached. This wastes time & money. Luckily, owners don't have to be physically present at the meeting to be counted. You can appoint the Board or another owner who will be attending the meeting to be your "Proxy Holder" to vote on your behalf according to your wishes. This is the 9th time we are using online proxy submission as it worked so well the last 8 years. We also use online surveys & polling so that all owners can have a voice in any big decisions that come up from time to time.

How to Fill Out the Proxy

This year there are two positions up for election so each Lot (house) gets 2 votes. Everyone basically has two choices in designating a proxy to represent you in case you are unable to attend the meeting. You can:

  1. Appoint a friend or neighbor who will be attending the meeting to vote on your behalf, or
  2. Appoint the Board to vote on your behalf.
If you decide to give your vote to the Board, you have 3 further choices. You can instruct the Board...
  1. To vote according to the preference of the majority of Board members.
  2. To divide the votes equally amongst the Board members, ie. each Board member gets 1/3rd of a vote.
  3. To use the proxy solely for quorum purposes (no voting).

To ensure a quorum, please complete and submit this proxy even if you plan to attend the meeting so that we know in advance if we have a quorum. Your attendance at the meeting will automatically negate your proxy, and you never know if something may come up at the last minute that would prevent your attendance at the meeting. Even Board members submit proxies.

IF you cannot attend, your Proxy Holder will attend, act, and vote on your behalf at the above-mentioned meeting, for the transaction of any and all business that may come before the meeting, including, but not limited to, the election of Directors, hereby revoking any prior proxies given to vote on such matters.

Please Confirm Your Identity

  * previously emailed to you *


Please Assign Your Proxy to ONLY ONE of the Following 4 Options:

Click in the circle to the left of your choice... Appoint someone only if you choose option 1...
1. A specific person (friend or neighbor) who will attend the meeting and vote according to your wishes.
I hereby appoint to vote on my behalf at the Dec 1, 2022 meeting.
2. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS with the vote to be determined by the preference of the majority of the Board.
3. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS with the vote to be shared with each Board member receiving an equal percentage.
4. The BOARD OF DIRECTORS to use my proxy only for the purpose of establishing a quorum (no voting).


* Please click Submit only ONCE while the data is being processed *

Submission of this proxy acknowledges receipt of notice of said meeting. This proxy shall be valid only for the above-named meeting and at any and all adjournments thereof, and may be revoked prior to its exercise either in writing or by attendance at the meeting. If your property is owned jointly, only one owner is required to "sign" the proxy by submitting this form. If no option is marked, this proxy shall go to the majority of the Board.

If you prefer, you may print the proxy form, sign it, and place it in the drop box, mail it, or give it to any Board member.

Security • Checks & Balances • Fraud Prevention

  • A unique security code was emailed to the email address on record for each owner. These codes are private and should not be shared with anyone. They should be treated as you would treat a password.
  • Owners have to provide this code along with their street address, email address, and full name. Everything has to match with the file record for the proxy to be validated.
  • The submissions are handled by the web server with no human intervention except by the homeowner submitting the proxy form.
  • The server emails the submissions instantly to the Board Secretary, the President, the Manager, and the homeowner at the same time as the data is entered into the database, so there is no possibility that anyone could alter anything.
  • Only one submission is allowed per Lot (property/house). If more than one is received, the owner will be contacted to ensure that the owner's wishes are understood.
  • At the Annual Meeting, the proxy vote is printed on the member sign-in sheet next to the owner's name, so the owner or the proxy-holder can verify that nothing was altered.
  • Our only goal is efficiency and convenience for all. We want everyone to feel secure with the technology so that none of us has to spend any more time than absolutely necessary on such tedious things as proxies.
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