Mahalo for Your Contribution...

There are so many people who are now contributing to our Kuau Bayview community that a page was needed to convey all the thanks that are in order...

  • Mahalo to Luba Reeves for making everything possible. Without her quiet strength in standing up for truth & light, nothing good could have happened in KB at all.
  • Mahalo to HC&S for donating the beautiful boulders that grace our rock garden.
  • Mahalo to Mr Horiuchi for contributing the hearts and flowers that are the groundcover used throughout the landscaping. Here is the thank you card we gave him on 10-25-13 signed by as many people as could fit on the card.
  • Mahalo to Dan Judson for donating all the Agave that are a key element in the landscaping.
  • Mahalo to Ann Pitcaithley for donating all the Moses in a Basket plants that edge the gardens, & for time spent sweeping & weeding.
  • Mahalo to Tom Atkins for taming our Retention Basin, restructuring the KB irrigation system, and cataloging our plants.
  • Mahalo to Michael Marrs for giving us a big discount on top soil at his family's store, Marmac ACE Hardware.
  • Mahalo to Max Hurd for helping me cut a huge Bougainvillea when I was feeling overwhelmed during the clearing of the Lae St hillside, & for help planting.
  • Mahalo to Roland Sprecher who came to my rescue at 11pm & helped move the huge weed tree off Lae St to the Retention Basin. Would have been there all night.
  • Mahalo to the Alturas & Lamberts for their patience during the building of the rock wall and subsequent landscaping.
  • Mahalo to Luba Reeve's Board for allowing the Lae St rock wall to be built. This will continue to benefit the neighborhood long after we are dead and gone.
  • Mahalo to Ricky Leaaetala for building such a beautiful rock wall in record time and for such a good price.
  • Mahalo to all the people inside & outside KB for their kind words and encouragement, which is what fuels the volunteers.
  • Mahalo to Doug Muller for always sweeping up the leaves that collect along Kaiea Place. Everyone on the street appreciates it, I'm sure.
It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.
It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't care who gets the credit.
Cane field boulders from HC&S
Cane field boulders from HC&S
Working together with a sense of community
Working together with a sense of community