Common Areas of Kuau Bayview

"An association is a non-profit. Its job is to maintain the common areas and enforce restrictions." "The purpose of a community association is to protect and maintain the association's common area component."

Mary Arnold, CMCA, AMS, VP RealManage

Kuau Bayview at Paia has three common areas: the infiltration/retention basin, the front entrance gardens, and the Lae St hillside. None of these areas is a "shared common area" for use by the membership. No entrance is allowed to anyone except authorized maintenance workers. We will refer henceforth to the infiltration basin as the "Retention Basin" or RB as that is how it has come to be known in Kuau Bayview.

Of the three common areas, only the Retention Basin is fully deeded to the HOA with no part of it within the property pins of an individual owner. The Paia-side front entrance garden is within the pins of the Retention Basin and the Hana-side garden is within the pins of Lot 43 but is designated as a drainage easement.

In its role of representing the interests of the Association, the Board must protect the Retention Basin by ensuring that no point source discharge enters the basin from the top of the slope because this will erode the basin sides and carry the soil to the basin floor. Sedimentation from erosion impairs the functioning of the basin, as the sediment compacts and clogs up the pores in the soil. Our basin functions by allowing the stormwater to drain by gravity into the subsoil aggregate. The RB was designed with two inlets (one 24" culvert and one 30" culvert) but no outlets; therefore, the basin is entirely dependent on infiltration and evaporation for dispersal of the storm water.