Latest News at Kuau Bayview at Paia

  • All owners have paid their 2021 dues except one still outstanding. Mahalo to all for your help!
  • Thief Tyler Wallett was released from prison on Jan 14, 2021. Lock your cars and keep your eyes out for a tall, skinny local man who does not belong in KB.
  • Paia Community Center: The Department of Environmental Management is replacing some sewer pipes that connect the old Halelani subdivision to the sewage treatment facility along Hana Hwy. The project commenced the first Monday in Dec 2020 and should be completed within 3 to 6 months depending on the weather. Upon completion, the temporary fencing and all heavy equipment will be removed and the park returned to its original condition. Until then, there is no way to get through from Hoe Place in Kuau Bayview or from Kahiko Street to the PCC or Hana Hwy, ie. no shortcut for the time being. If anyone needs more information, please call 579-8077.
  • Paia Community Center sewer line project
  • Lower Fees: It took over two years from the date of the car crash, but in August 2020 I was finally able to get an insurance settlement of $11,198.02 for the HOA. As every owner was injured by the damage to the front garden, I feel it is proper that some of the settlement money be given to the owners by reducing the annual dues. Each owner whose account is in good standing will receive a $50 bonus via reduced 2021 annual dues. The rest of the money will stay in the bank and be used as needed to upgrade the front entrance over time.
  • School: Since August 17th, 2020, a school has been operating out of a garage at 42 N Laelua Place (Lot 45). This is against our DCCRs, violates the landlords' rental agreement, and has caused huge distruption to the owners in the cul de sac on N Laelua. The teacher first claimed it was an elementary school, then a homeschool, then a homeschool group, then a non-profit homeschool, then an essential homeschool group, and most recently his lawyer, Kai Lawrence, is claiming it is a child care facility. The many names are all efforts to find a permitted use in a residential district. The teacher was offered an alternate location in Haiku where the school operated for the week of Oct 12th, but then it returned to 42 N Laelua on Oct 19th. On Oct 7th, the Lot 45 property manager stated, "FYI - I do not care if the HOA approves the school or not - we will never agree to a school being operated on that property - ever... I will be doing periodic drive by inspections and if I ever find the school open I will be posting an eviction notice." For some reason, he has not kept his word. We suspect that the lawyer may have threatened him too.
  • Board Changes: Since 2012 the KB Association has been successfully self-managed. Our annual dues are probably the lowest in the country and all aspects of the HOA have been run more efficiently than ever before. In September 2020, an internal Board conflict arose, whereby the apparent intent of the three newest Board members was to scrap our great system and return Kuau Bayview to the same "professional" property management which had failed KB in the past, cost more than three times as much, and rendered the Association dysfunctional. Original owners refer to that period as the "Lord of the Flies" era. The two minority board members felt that the annual dues should be lowered for 2021, and resisted the majority's proposal to use the settlement money to pay an "assessor" $4000 to evaluate the state of the Retention Basin. The Retention Basin committee felt that this proposal was premature and a waste of money. The newer Board members seemed to think that being "the Board majority" meant they could do whatever they wanted, disregarding state law, the Board Mission Statement, KB policies & procedures, DCCRs, Bylaws, and at times neglecting to even inform the older and more experienced Board members of the actions they were taking. A negative and defining moment occurred when the president unilaterally rescinded the Grievance Committee's legitimate action that would have forced the school to relocate. This rescission favored the tenant against the grieved KB homeowners and was not in the best interests of the community as a whole. The three rogue Directors were asked to step down which they did on Sept 29, 2020, but filled their resignation letters with malicious, false allegations blaming the other Board members. If they had not resigned, a special meeting was being planned to remove them from the Board as their illegal and bad faith actions were putting the HOA at risk. Bonnie McCrystal gave Sydney's resignation letter to the tenant's lawyer and he used their false statements as evidence when he threatened to sue the Board in an attempt to pressure the remaining Board members into allowing the school to continue. Since his threats scared off two of the three new Board members, the Board will operate with three Directors until the school issue is resolved. After the lawsuit threats are gone, the new Directors will resume office.
  • KB House Sales: There have been 6 house sales so far in 2020: Lot 65 for $975,000, Lot 57 for $950,000, Lot 86 for $770,545, and Lot 8 for $975,000. Lot 57 sold a 2nd time 8 months later for $977,000. Both sales for Lot 57 were record highs for a one-story home. Lot 27 sold in Dec for $900,000. Lot 26 is currently for sale for $1,080,000.
  • Hawaii Fireworks Laws: Using aerial fireworks without a permit or license can be prosecuted as a Class C felony. Licensed applicants must have a pyrotechnics license from the State of Hawaii, among other requirements. For those celebrating in their driveways, fireworks can be legally set off only from 9 pm Dec 31st to 1 am New Year's Day.
  • The 2019 Annual Meeting on Nov 21st was a great success with 5 delicious pizzas donated by Flatbread. Mahalo to all the owners who attended the meeting and/or provided their proxies. Welcome to the new Board for 2020!
  • 2018 was a record year for house sales in KB with 7 houses sold. No houses sold in 2019.
  • 2018 was also a record year for highest sale price when Lot 80 sold in June for a million dollars.
  • On July 22, 2018 a woman who fell asleep at the wheel crashed her car into our Paia-side front garden shoving one of the large boulders into the rock wall and taking out a 25 foot fan palm tree.
  • On July 27, 2018 a drunk driver took out our brand new stop sign at Lae St & Hana Hwy.
  • From July to September in 2018 A&B installed cattle fencing along the east and south boundaries of Kuau Bayview. There will be 10 paddocks with beef cattle (steers) rotated from paddock to paddock to even out the grazing.
  • On Dec 20, 2018 A&B sold 41,000 acres of former sugar cane fields to Mahi Pono, which consists of Pomona Farming LLC and Public Sector Pension Investment Board, one of Canada's largest pension investment managers. Under the terms of the agreement, Mahi Pono purchased the farm lands as well as Kulolio Ranch (A&B's grass-fed cattle project) and Central Maui Feedstocks, A&B's energy crop project. Maui News article. Early plans include a community farm near Puunene Mill.
  • We had a Water Department worker check the water pressure in Kuau Bayview. It was almost 100 psi at several houses. The pressure for residential houses should be between 50 and 60 psi. Apparently the pressure reducers installed when the houses were built wear out after 20 years such that the water now flows through at full pressure. This can cause pipes and water heaters to burst. You can buy a pressure gauge for about $10 at Home Depot to test your pressure by screwing it onto your hose bib. A new pressure reducer costs about $83 at Home Depot.
  • REMINDER: Please slow down when driving in Kuau Bayview for the sake of pets, children, and owners of pets & children who worry when they hear a vehicle approaching. People with no children often don't realize how speeds that seem slow to us may cause others to worry. Let's all be more mindful in the 'hood and slow down! Mahalo.

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2021 Maintenance Fees

are due Jan 1st, 2021. Thanks to the insurance settlement, we are giving every owner whose account is in good standing a $50 bonus, so fees for 2021 will be only $80 with the Green Discount and $126 without the discount.

You can now pay by check, PayPal, or credit card. Please click for payment instructions. Checks can be dropped off any time but should be post-dated Jan 1, 2021. They will be deposited on Jan 2nd to be in the proper fiscal year.

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