Maui Thieves

Our best defense may be to make these parasitic thieves famous so that everyone will recognize them on the street and know them as thieves. Stores should not let them in the door. Tyler Wallett used to live in the homeless camp next to the Paia public parking lot, but he got kicked out in April 2019 for stealing from other homeless. Now Tyler lives with his friends Joey & Chrissy in a house in Paia near the public parking lot makai of Hana Hwy. Tyler rides a small bicycle and carries a blue backpack. He usually wears a baseball cap or hoodie when in thief mode. He does most of his thieving early in the morning 5-7am. He has a slight build 5"9" 125 lbs. People who know Tyler say he's nothing but a thieving weasel and want nothing to do with him. He was arrested and is in MCCC as of May 28/19. Thank you MPD!

Bradley & Bobbie Castillo are the Makawao version of Tyler Wallett. Such people really give locals a bad name. Please submit any photos to add to the slideshow.

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