4 Membership Mailing Lists

1. Membership List

The Board is legally required to keep an accurate and current list of the names and addresses of Association members. This is the Membership List and includes the current mailing addresses of all owners. It is the owners' responsibility to ensure that the HOA is informed of any changes to this address. Owner access to this list is strictly controlled by Procedures dictated by Hawaii State law.

As everyone is aware, it costs time and money for paper, envelopes, printer ink, postage, and labor to communicate with 92 homeowners using snail mail. Thanks to digital technology, we are able to reduce these costs and provide much faster and better service to owners using email.

2. Email, or Green, List

Owners who are willing to accept email and the website as the Association's official mode of communication can opt-in to the Email List and receive a Green Discount. By minimizing costs, we are able to pass the savings along to owners in the form of greatly reduced maintenance fees. In 2012 the fees were $300. In 2016 the fees will be $135 ($236 for 2017), or, with the green discount, only $100 ($175 for 2017). The snail mail people pay 35% more than the Green Discount rate. Everyone opted for the Green List except 4 people.

If there were a large number of owners without email, we could not have reduced the fees. Maintaining two different systems is even more time-consuming than doing one or the other. Fortunately, there is only one owner living in Kuau Bayview who does not have an email address. As this owner has no choice, she is considered exempt and pays the discounted rate. The HOA Manager keeps her informed by phone and personal visits. Obviously, this exemption can apply only for owners physically living in Kuau Bayview. Absentee owners who choose or require snail mail for any reason, are not eligible for the Green Discount and must pay the standard fee of $135 ($236 for 2017).

The Email List is carefully guarded in accordance with privacy law as "protected information." Owners have no rights to the email addresses or phone numbers of other owners. Only one person owns, maintains, and has access to the email list. She has given her word to the owners not to reveal their info to anyone without their explicit permission. Use of the list is restricted to meeting notices, statements, fee collections, announcements, polls, proxies, and other such Association business. We strive to keep mailings short and to a minimum. Often HOA emails will simply contain links to pages on the website where the detailed information will be displayed.

If your contact information changes, please be sure to email us to update your account.

3. Crime Alert List

Owners who wish to be emailed as soon as news of a crime in the neighborhood is received should opt-in to this list. Crimes will also be posted on the KB Crime Log page. To opt-in, simply email your request to hoa@kuaubayviewmaui.com or use the Contact form.

4. Snail Mail List

Owners who have email access may opt to receive snail mail communications from the Board by declining the Green Discount and paying the standard rate of $135 ($236 in 2017). This list is entitled to receive printed copies in their mailboxes of (1) the annual fee statement and (2) notice of the Annual Meeting ONLY. Any other printed communications that are necessitated by anyone on the snail mail list (or the email list) will incur a cost of $5 per mailing. Please note that it is a two-way street, ie. if you choose to refuse email from the Association, then any communication from you to the Association must also be by snail mail to the official address of the HOA.

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Pretty Hula Girl by Angelina Hills
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