Warranty & Service Guide for the Kuau Bayview Homes

  1. Developer: A&B Properties

    A&B was the Developer of the Makana subdivision otherwise known as Ku'au Bayview at Paia. There were 92 homes built between April 1996 and March 1999. Jeff Faulkner was the Project Manager and the houses were sold through ERA under Patty Angulo. The model homes held their grand opening party on April 20, 1996.

  2. Architect: Gregory A Bayless of Bayless Architects AIA, 305 S High St Ste 101, Wailuku, HI 96793. Phone: 244-6777, 244-3375

    Greg Bayless was the architect for all 8 of the house models. He did only the designs for A&B, no specifications.

  3. General Contractor: Hawaiian Dredging Constuction Company, Hawaii Contractor's License No. ABC 11380)

    Hawaiian Dredging Construction Company
    614 Kapahulu Avenue (96815-3891)
    PO Box 4088 (96812-4088)
    Honolulu, Hawaii
    Phone: (808) 735-3211
    Fax: (808) 735-7416
    Email: tvalenti@hdcc.dillingham.com or llau@hdcc.dillingham.com

    Hawaiian Dredging was the General Contractor for 77 of the KB homes, which includes all Lots except lots 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11,12,16,19,20,21,22,23.

    The website for the parent company is at Dillingham Construction Corporation. HDCC is the largest and one of the oldest construction companies in Hawaii, serving Hawaii and the Pacific since 1902. They build housing, hotels, resorts, highways, bridges, power plants, & marine projects. They are "committed to quality and excellence in providing the best service to the people of Hawaii". They went bankrupt.

    I had a long meeting with Jerry Kusunoki of Hawaiian Dredging on July 15, 2001, and I got the distinct impression that they bought exactly the materials specified & approved by A&B, and that, apart from honoring the one year warranty, HDCC has no further responsibility to KB. However, he did indicate that HDCC cares about having happy customers and would like me to fax him the statistical reports from the 'Problem Lists' to show Allan Lock (the VP I originally wrote). I suggested that it would be very helpful to us if *they* could approach A&B on our behalf. He assured me that A&B was not the kind of company that would just walk away from a legitimate problem situation... ha!

  4. General Contractor: Reef Development of Hawaii Inc Reef Development of Hawaii Inc

    Reef was the General Contractor for 15 of the KB homes. These are Lots 1,2,3,4,8,9,10,11,12,16,19,20,21,22,23. Reef also did the concrete work (slabs, lanais, driveways) for all 92 Lots. They offered a one year warranty through their contract with A&B, so if you didn't send in a Warranty Service Request within the first year, they will no doubt direct you to A&B. They don't have a website, but here is their address:

    Reef Development of Hawaii Inc     PO Box 1189, Kihei, HI 96753     Phone: 871-8595 ext 103 for Rob Dickenson

    Bud Tharpe (876-1836, 278-7425 Pg) did the warranty repairs for Reef within the first year. He does good work & is very knowledgeable about our problems.

  5. Bathtubs & Shower Floors

    Bathtub: 5' recess bath buffed porcelain over enameled steel - 2-176 XR/L Aztec - Crane Plumbing supplied by Nakama Plumbing through HDCC contract.
    Shower Floor: Cascade Shower Floors - one piece fiberglass SMC units with a permanent slip-resistant surface. 60WL 60" x 34" - also supplied by Nakama Plumbing to HDCC.
    Tub/Shower Enclosure: 4-1/4" x 4-1/4" tile, Field D-100 DAL White
    Accent Tile - One Coarse X-125 antique white
    Crane distributor: Hawaiian Plumbing Supply. Warranty covers workmanship & material.

    Problem: both the bathtubs and the shower floors become stained and cannot be cleaned without taking an orbital sander to them. They end up looking like the ones in these photos: bath tub and shower floor

    Ultrasurface: Tubs, showers, spas by Tom Taylor 575-5359, 385-8827 cel. Resurfacing costs $425-475 which involves re-coating the surface with epoxy-urethane.

    Restoration $150-200 uses an acid & polisher to remove mineral deposits. He can redo the bottom with non-slip tiny bumps for $225.

  6. Carpeting: The original carpeting was crap supplied by Pacific Home Furnishings who simply refused to honor the warranty for the kid-proof carpet, claiming that the manufacturer was out of business and it is our problem. Some Lots had to replace their carpet within 2 years. The seams started separating, there was rippling, staining, and all the things they claimed wouldn't happen. Best just to replace it.
  7. Concrete Slab by Reef: The concrete slabs for our houses were poured in two separate sections. The livingroom floor was poured first and then the garage floor was poured separately. It is called a floating slab. At least one owner had major cracking in the garage floor.
  8. Cove Base: Pacific Home Furnishings - Burke Cove Base 150P-Nougent - Supplied by Kahului Carpet & Drapery, 250 Alamaha St Space S-10 871-7917 through its contract with HDCC.
  9. Dishwasher: General Electric Model GSD500X-73WB
  10. Door Locks: Schlage
  11. Electrical: Lite Electric at 50 Kaniela St, Wailuku, HI 96793 Phone: (808) 244-7975. Owner: Richard Olsen
  12. Electric Range: General Electric Model JBP19-47. GE Answer Center 1-800-626-2005
  13. Garage Door: Holmes Carriage House Doors

    Holmes Garage Door Co. (a division of Clopay), PO Box 1976, Auburn, WA 98071-1976   Phone: 206-931-8900, 800-998-3667 x5681 Larry Eilers, Fax: 206-939-8508

    I spoke with Larry Eilers, an estimator for Holmes Garage Doors. Our doors were the Holmes 3010/5010 recessed panel wood doors which were discontinued in 1999. The 3010 was the bottom of the line in recessed panel doors; the 5010 was similar with heavier mill work around the panels.

    All Holmes wooden doors have only a one year warranty. Larry was very adamant about the fact that we could expect no warranty coverage. He told me that most wood doors on the mainland last 20-25 years, but they obviously don't hold up in Hawaii. He also mentioned that you should never paint a garage door a dark color because it absorbs heat and shortens the lifespan of the door.

    Problem: The garage doors, particularly on the houses that face into the wind, are literally falling apart. The wood structural beams are rotting on the outside and rotting at the door base. There is also mildewing on the inside and more mildew.

    Solution: The only company that seems to stock garage doors on Maui is Maui Garage Door at 873-0359 (Jarod Takahashi 870-3186, Pato 870-4870, Federico 870-7213). They have steel doors for $1800+ or vinyl doors for $2000-2400. Steel requires painting after about 7 years whereas vinyl never needs painting. It is recommended to paint the steel doors with Rustoleum right away because the original paint is so thin and these doors will definitely rust. As the large spring above the center of the door lasts only 5-7 years, it is a good idea to get that replaced at the same time.

  14. Garage Door Opener: Lift-master Model 1250
  15. Garbage Disposal: ISE In-Sink-Erator
  16. Kitchen Cabinets: Oahu Cabinets Ltd - these cabinets were discontinued. They are swelling and the particle board is disintegrating under the lip of the counter.
  17. Linoleum Flooring: Armstrong Combo 1, 2 and 3. Almost exclusively in homes completed between Aug 1996 and March 1997, mildew is coming up from the concrete slab into the linoleum causing it to turn black around the toilet and elsewhere in the bathroom. This linoleum was very poor quality. Best just to replace it.
  18. Plumbing: Larry Nakama of Nakama Plumbing. Larry is pretty much retired but he may be willing to service KB as he knows the pipe locations.
  19. Refrigerator: General Electric Model
  20. Roof Shingles: Celotex Dimensional 25 year shingles
  21. Siding

    Stimson Lumber Company, 520 SW Yamhill Ste 700, Portland, OR 97204-1330  : Phone: 800-445-9758 or 503-295-0951, Fax: 503-295-1849

    Gary Connolly, Hardboard Sales, was the first inspector who came to KB in 2000, gconnolly@stimsonlumber.com
    he said they used the wrong paint (flat latex lets in moisture), and didn't paint the bottom edge of the siding near the ground

  22. Smoke Alarms: These were poor quality and should be replaced.
  23. Termite Lumber Treatment: Hawaii Wood Preserving Company, 841 Bishop St, Honolulu, HI
  24. Termite Soil Treatment: On the day the slab was poured, Certified Pest Control & Fumigation Services, Inc (244-7515) sprayed the ground which was then covered with a plastic sheet.
  25. Vinyl Windows & Sliding Glass Doors: Milgard

    All of our white vinyl windows and doors are made by Milgard Manufacturing Inc. Milgard offers an excellent Full Lifetime Guarantee to the original owner and, for secondary owners, there is a ten year warranty that expires ten years after the windows are installed. Installation costs are included.

    If you have questions or warranty problems, call Milgard at 800-562-8444 M-F 8a-5p PST. The Maui rep is Bob Kaestner. Milgard windows are available at Home Depot, Honsador, and Pacific Source.

  26. Water Heater: RUUD

    The electric water heaters that came with our houses are 50 gallon Ruudglas Pacemaker models. If the tank fails within 5 years of the installation date, a replacement will be provided by Ruud. In most cases, your plumber can simply take the Certificate of Limited Warranty to a supplier and bring you the new tank. There is a place on the Ruud website where you can verify your warranty and consult the residential sizing guide.

    Code says that the temperature & pressure release valve, as well as the pan drain, should be piped to the outside of the building, which they were not. Leaks cause corrosion around the fixtures on top of the tank.

    The temperature needs to be 140 degrees for the dishwasher. Looking at the Serial number, eg. RU0597, the first 4 numbers are the month and year of manufacture. R-11.5 is the type of insulation. 1-Phase. Lower element & upper element 4500W at 240.