Design Review Procedures

The Design Committee will be comprised of 3 or 5 members and one or two alternates. The Chairperson or a Committee member must attend Board meetings to give a report.

Design Review procedures have been updated in 2013 to take advantage of digital technology. These guidelines provide a framework to help the Committee members maintain consistency in the review process. In most cases, the Committee will take the following steps to complete a review:

  1. Provide the applicant with the appropriate application form and Plot Plan.
  2. Receive & scan the completed application form & documents.
  3. Email the scanned application to the Committee members for comment and approval.
  4. A majority of votes will be required for approval of a proposed project. If approved, 3 or more members will sign the letter of approval.
  5. Confer with applicant if any adjustments are needed to the plans.
  6. Building permits may be required by the County for some projects, in which case the owner is required to obtain them and notify the Committee when they have been signed off.
  7. Create the official approval letter & email to Committee members for consent to add their signatures.
  8. Email the signed approval letter to applicant.
  9. Follow up after project completion to ensure construction complies with the approved plans. Take photos for the file.
  10. Upload a pdf of the approval letter/application to the password-protected record archive on the website.
  11. Update the Design Project Status page on the website.

Any exterior alteration to a Lot or dwelling must first be approved by the Design Committee. There is a $100 penalty for infractions requiring after-the-fact approval. If denied, the problem must be rectified.

Nightfire Hibiscus
Nightfire Hibiscus
Field of multi-colored flower rows
Field of multi-colored flower rows