Design Application Forms

All of Kuau Bayview is in a Special Management Area (SMA) Zone and, therefore, you need to apply for an SMA Permit through the County for every change you make to your property, even fences. The fee is $165 for anything up to $10,000. You can fill out a Special Managment Area Assessment Application online.

Minimum setbacks for single-family dwellings are:

  • Front 15 feet (for both one & two story houses)
  • Side & Rear 6 feet (Up to and including 15 feet in height)
  • Side & Rear 10 feet (More than 15 feet in height)

You also need approval from the Kuau Bayview Design Committee before starting any work. Please choose the application form appropriate to your project...

If you are painting your house substantially the same color it already is, you do not need approval.

Structure of the Gardenia stove wall
Structure of the Gardenia stove wall