Kuau Bayview Crime Log

Crime incidents in Kuau Bayview will be listed here so that owners can be warned and on the look-out for intruders in the neighborhood. Please report all crimes and suspicious activity with as many details as you can. Submit photos if possible. If we work together, perpetrators won't have a chance and word will get out that Kuau Bayview is not an easy target.

2019-10-05  •  Homeless Sleeping in KB  •  Location: KB entrance Paia side behind rock rampart  •  Time: 7:45 am

An owner who was driving into KB early in the morning noticed a homeless person lying down and getting up after sleeping behind the rock rampart on the Paia side of Lae Street next to the gate to the Retention Basin. He thought it might be Tyler Wallett but couldn't be sure. A pair of white jeans, board shorts, and an airline pillow were left behind. He also had a backpack he must have taken with him. This hidden place behind the rock wall has been a refuge for homeless people and thieves since 1996. This is why we want to reduce the height of this rampart so that it does not attract such unsavory people to our neighborhood. We have been finding stolen items - wallets, ID, bicycles - behind there for years.

Homeless sleeping behind rock rampart
2019-08-19  •  Homeless Sleeping in Vehicle  •  Location: 15 S Laelua Place (Lot 55)  •  Time: 8:55 pm

A young homeless male was observed sleeping in a white Suburu license #JTB 539 parked on the street in front of Lot 55. MPD was called and Officer Schoppner came and woke the man who said he was afraid to sleep at Baldwin Beach because cars were being broken into there. The officer told him that he can never sleep in his car in a residential neighborhood and that it is not legal to sleep in his car at the beach either. He advised us to call MPD if we see anyone sleeping in vehicles in KB again.

2019-07-21  •  Suspicious Intruder  •  Location: 46 N Laelua Place (Lot 44)  •  Time: about 5 pm

An older tanned man with no shirt showed up in the cul-de-sac on N Laelua Place with an 80's Land Cruzer in dark metallic green. The owner had never seen him in our neighborhood before. The man struggled to make the car start. His very nervous body language made her suspect he just stole the car.

2019-07-13  •  Property Damage  •  Location: East end of Hoe St  •  Time: 1:30 pm

A dirt-biker was observed cutting the cattle fence at the end of Hoe Street then riding through and heading toward the volcano. A few minutes later he came back and rode toward blue tile roof for a couple of minutes then back the way he came. Kulolio Ranch repaired the fence and put up 'No Trespassing' signs. The father of the dirt-biker disciplined his son and hopefully there will be no more cut fences.

Cattle fence cut
2019-07-09  •  Maui News  •  Location:   •  Time:

Conditions at MCCC:

The dire situation at MCCC may have been a factor in Tyler's release from MCCC on June 18, 2019. There are supposed to be 170 adult corrections officers at MCCC. According to the Department of Public Safety, there were as few as 83 guards working regularly last month - a number that has since fallen to 52. There are now 33 vacancies and 22 employees out on workers' compensation. The number of staff on leave under the federal Family Medical and Leave Act has jumped to 63 currently from 32 last month (63 + 22 = 85 UPW members avoiding work). Guards are paid $51,228 annually and they make significantly more with overtime pay. 85 guards are being paid over $4 Million dollars for not even showing up at their job. Maui needs a new, larger prison and guards with a better work ethic. And more oversight regarding insurance & medical scams. and above all, Maui needs stricter judges.

2019-07-03  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 35 S Laelua Place (Lot 58)  •  Time: night

A thief entered an unlocked SUV parked in the driveway at 35 S Laelua Pl (Lot 58). Items Stolen: sunglasses & vehicle manual. This vehicle was previously burglarized on April 11, 2019.

2019-07-03  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 23 S Laelua Place (Lot 56)  •  Time: night

A thief entered a locked truck parked on the street at 23 S Laelua Pl (Lot 56). Items Stolen: 2 pairs of Maui Jim sunglasses & an iPad. The owner heard his dogs barking during the night but did not get up to investigate.

2019-05-25  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 10 S Laelua Pl (Lot 69)  •  Time: night

Locked car in driveway was broken into and the glove box tossed. Owner is sure the car was locked but there was no sign of forced entry and the car was locked again in the morning. Items stolen: car registration.

2019-05-24  •  Theft from House  •  Location: 36 Laenui Pl (Lot 80)  •  Time: 7:45 amTyler Wallett at Paia Bay

Tyler Wallett broke into 36 Laenui Pl (Lot 80) for the second time on Friday, May 24th, 2019. The painter found him hiding in the shower upstairs at 7:45am. He had gained access through a sliding door off the upper deck. Tyler told him he just needed a place to sleep. This was a lie. He did not sleep in the house. He just said that instead of admitting he just stole Jarc's $250 laser level and was about to steal the painter's radio. Tyler had parked his bicycle & skate board on Lae St behind the utility boxes then went to Lot 80 to steal. His bike was seen there around 8am then it was gone a few minutes later. Tyler was tracked to where his blue tent used to sit near the Paia Mini-Bypass before he got kicked out by Nate for stealing from the other homeless. He was spotted riding a small bike along Hana Hwy to Paia Bay Park where he stopped and was sitting on his bike next to his friends, Joey & Chrissy, talking on his phone. There are more photos of Tyler Wallett at Paia Bay Park before he rode his bike back toward Paia town.

Tyler Wallett Mugshot 2019

At the time there was a $100,000 warrant out for Tyler for jumping bail three times so he went straight to MCCC a few days later (May 28) when MPD found him passed out on the grass next to the Paia public parking lot. Apparently he was put in rehab until his June 18th court hearing when he was let out on probation. He violated probation and was sent back to MCCC on Oct 10, 2019 where he currently resides.

The sad thing is that there is no insurance that covers these contractors' tools. Fortunately, some of the tools were recovered but not all. The system is broken when an able-bodied young person can afford to hang out at the beach all day doing drugs by preying on and depriving hard workers of their ability to perform their livelihood. Please get to know the faces of these thieves.

2019-05-11  •  Possible Bicycle Thefts  •  Location: Makana Park in Paia  •  Time: about 7 pmMakana Park fallen fence

On Sat May 11 three teenage boys (locals) climbed the cattle fence onto my property with 3 brand new mountain bikes with the new-style, yellow/orange/red solid tires which are very expensive. Two of the bikes had already been lifted over the fence onto my side while one kid was in the process of climbing the fence. I asked them where they were going. One kid said, "Kuau Bayview." I asked, "Why?" "Because we live there." I said, "Oh yeah? What address?" He couldn't answer. I knew they didn't live in KB and I suspected the bikes were stolen. I asked them where they came from and one kid said, "Kuau Bayview" and pointed to the old Filipino neighborhood.

I finally got them to admit they were from Skill Village, which sounds more believable. I found it very suspicious that they would take a route that would require them to lift bikes over 2 fences just to get to the park. And they lied to me immediately. They proceeded to climb the park fence which was already leaning. The weight of the bikes & the boys caused the whole fence to fall down. The metal posts had been corroded by the RoundUp that used to be sprayed on the hillside. As of Nov 16, 2019 the East Maui Parks Department has left it like this, lying on the ground.

2019-05-08  •  Truck Stolen  •  Location: 21 Hoe St (Lot 32)  •  Time: night

Thieves returned to 21 Hoe St (Lot 32) and stole the black 1998 Toyota Tacoma that had been broken into on the night of April 12, 2019. This had been the only one of the vehicles burglarized on April 12 that had had the lock popped out. The oddest thing was that the vehicle manual which had been stolen from the glove box on Friday night was returned to the vehicle Saturday night to the pocket behind the driver's seat. As the window had been damaged Friday night and wouldn't roll up, the thief just had to reach through the window to place the manual in the seat pocket. On the afternoon of May 9th, some guy up in Kula called MPD to report that someone had just abandoned the truck in his yard, so Will got the truck back relatively intact. The racks and gas had been taken along with registration & insurance papers, but there was no sign of it having been hot-wired, so the thieves must have had a key. Cameras and security lights are being installed on this property. I spoke with Terry at Valley Isle Lock & Key who specializes in automotive keys. He says no reputable locksmith on Maui would make a key from a key code for anyone without picture ID and proof of vehicle ownership, yet the thieves had a key. Apparently the software to make chip-keys is $4000 so any enterprising group of car thieves can make their own keys. If you have an existing key or the code, a locksmith will make you a key for $150.

2019-04-29  •  Thieves Lair  •  Location: Makana Park  •  Time: afternoon

Thieves' Lair: The stash place and hidden hang-out at the NE corner of Makana Park has been cleaned out so that Tyler & fellow thieves can no longer hide their loot there. People entering the park can now see right into the lair so it is useless as a hiding place.

Park entrance where thieves used to hide stolen goods
2019-04-27  •  Intruder  •  Location: 37 Kaiea Pl (Lot 7 )  •  Time: 1 pmJacob Fitzgerald prowling in Kuau

A 23-year-old local man, Jacob Fitzgerald, climbed the fence from the park into the Lot 7 yard taking the same route Tyler had taken. I spoke with him for almost an hour. He appeared to be a polite, sweet guy. He grew up and went to school with Tyler Wallett and knew all about him. Tyler Wallett was born & raised in Haiku where his mother & grandmother still live. Tyler is 24, 5'10", 125 lbs, a meth head. He worked at Flatbread within the last year but failed a drug test after eating poppy-seed pizza and was fired. Apparently it was a false positive, which was discovered later, but by that time Tyler had returned to doing meth seeing as he got in trouble even when he was being good. Tyler knows that he is going to jail so he has nothing to lose. He seems to be stealing as much as he can before he gets locked up. The Paia Public Parking lot has been targeted by thieves for years. Not surprising when the thieves live in the cane field just over the berm.

Sadly, on the night of June 28, 2019, Jacob Fitzgerald was caught on video in Kuau prowling about vehicles and yards. He had lost weight and looked like a meth head at this point. The comments below were made by the people who confronted him that night in Kuau and posted them on the Maui Thieves Facebook page. This is a sad illustration of the deleterious effect of meth on an otherwise good young man. There is hope for Jacob if he gets help whereas Tyler Wallett is a lying, scumbag with no conscience who deserves to be in prison.

Maui Thieves comments re Jacob Fitzgerald prowling in Kuau
2019-04-16  •  Theft from House  •  Location: 36 Laenui Pl (Lot 80)  •  Time: 6:45 am

This house was being renovated so no one was there. Thief Tyler Wallett got in through a sliding door on the upstairs deck. He escaped through the backyard into Lot 92, cut through to Lae St, was seen entering Makana Park carrying 2 backpacks and a skateboard. He stashed some of the loot in the park adjacent to Lot 1 then took what he could carry to the west edge of the park, climbed the fence, and was observed about 7am cutting through to the old neighborhood on Kahiko St. He came back and was seen coming out of the park entrance about 8am with one backpack and his skateboard. Items stolen: $2000+ worth of tools. There are more photos of Tyler Wallett in the Maui Thieves Gallery slideshow.

Burglar Tyler Wallett escaping with stolen tools
2019-04-14  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 38 N Laelua Pl (Lot 46)  •  Time: night

A large shop vac was stolen out of Roland's truck bed which was parked on the street in front of the house

2019-04-12  •  Attempted Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 44 Laenui Pl (Lot 78)  •  Time: night

Someone broke into Gabi's friend Ernest's red Miata (it was left unlocked) and rifled through the glove box but did not take anything. Car was in the driveway.

2019-04-12  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 46 S Laelua Pl (Lot 62)  •  Time: between 10pm & 7am

Honda SUV parked in the driveway, door unlocked. Items Stolen: Two sets of sunglasses, a hat, the vehicle owner's manual and all service records, car registration, insurance card.

2019-04-12  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 35 S Laelua Pl (Lot 58)  •  Time: between 10pm & 7am

Tacoma truck parked in the driveway, door unlocked. Items Stolen: Vehicle owner's manual.

2019-04-12  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 21 Hoe St (Lot 32)  •  Time: at night

A black Ford Ranger parked on the street with doors locked had the lock punched out & white Ford Ranger parked in the driveway with unlocked door. Items Stolen: Vehicle owner's manual with car registration & insurance card; one outrigger paddle & Iako (canoe part).

2019-03-26  •  Theft of Bicycle  •  Location: 19 Hoe Pl (Lot 20)  •  Time: 4 am

A black bicycle with high handle bars was stolen from the front lanai by Tyler Wallett. The bike was not locked. Here is a video of the theft

Tyler had an attack of conscience when he heard that Ken & his young son had bought the bike for $50 and repaired it together. Tyler returned the bike on May 15th with an apology letter taped to the seat. Here is Tyler Wallett stealing Ken's bike on Mar 26th...

Tyler Wallett stealing Ken's bike
2019-03-24  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 15 Kaiea Pl (Lot 3)  •  Time: 2 am

March 24 late at night. Gray 2006 Toyota RAV4. Items stolen: A laptop, iPod, & external hard drive. The iPod was turned on the next day in Makawao but turned off again so has not been recovered. The car door was left ajar so as not to make a sound when closing the door.

2019-03-18  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 21 Hoe St (Lot 32)  •  Time: 10:23 pm

White Ford Ranger parked in the driveway, door unlocked. Items stolen in 2 incidents: cash (but wallet was left); 2 pair Maui Jim sunglasses, 1 pair cheaper sunglasses; green & yellow hammocks, swim fins

2019-03-12  •  Attempted Vehicle Theft  •  Location: 33 Hoe St (Lot 33)  •  Time: night

Someone attempted to steal a 4Runner parked in front of the house but succeeded only in breaking the steering column.

2019-03-01  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 33 Kaiea Pl (Lot 6)  •  Time: 11 am

In late Feb or early March in broad daylight. Car parked in the driveway unlocked, owner in the house. Items stolen: 2 garage remotes, house key.

2018-05-09  •  Intruder  •  Location: 55 N Laelua Pl - Lot 41  •  Time: 8 pm

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018 at about 8pm, an owner at the end of N Laelua encountered a local man about 50 years old who claimed to be from Hana. The street lights were out so it was very dark and this man was just standing there at the end of Tim's driveway in the dark holding 2 bottle-type containers, one of which was half full. He said his car had broken down on Lae St and he was looking for water for his radiator. The owner took him at his word and gave him water. We both found it baffling why this man would be all the way at the end of N Laelua instead of approaching someone closer to his car. Thinking about it later, I figure the guy had to have been looking to siphon gas. It makes no sense that he would have been carrying half a container of water (it was probably gas). If he had found a hose, or someone had helped him, he would have had 2 full containers of water. He may carry some water as a cover, then dump it out when he finds gas. Anyone who parks on the street or even in your own driveway, you better make sure you have a locking gas cap and lock your car doors. There are definitely people prowling KB looking for open car doors.

2018-04-17  •  Vehicle Break-In  •  Location: 63 Lae St (Lot 89)  •  Time: Night

A van parked along Lae St was searched and some tools stolen.

2018-03-14  •  Intruder  •  Location: Lot 2 - 80 Lae St  •  Time: 10:55 pm

On March 14th, 2018 a local man in his 20's or early 30's knocked on the front door of Lot 2 just before 11 pm. He had containers in his arms and was asking for water for his car. He said his car needed water because it was overheating. The owner of Lot 2 texted his neighbors across the street to alert them and then called 911. He didn't open the door and told the intruder to go somewhere else, like the park. The police came to take a report and it is indeterminate what transpired after that.

2018-01-08  •  Intruder  •  Location: Lot 79 - 40 Laenui Place  •  Time: 6:50-6:55 pm

A strange woman walked into the open garage at 40 Laenui Place. The owners were in the livingroom at the time but that didn't faze her. She was dressed in a white shirt and was carrying 2 shopping bags, one red, one blue. She can be seen in the top left corner of this video...

Oscar confronted her as she was leaving and she said she thought she heard her friend. She went down Laenui, turned onto Hoe St, did not get into a car, but quickly disappeared. A couple of hours later she was back dressed differently and without the bags. A police officer came and said he knew her and that she is mentally disturbed but not violent or dangerous as far as he knows. She may be living at Lot 81. The next day she was observed on Hana Hwy hitch-hiking toward Hana.

Another resident had some friends over on Halloween. The front door was open and she came in and asked if she could hang out with them. She ate some food, stayed a little, then left. Kelly saw her a few times hitchhiking out on Hana Hwy by the KB entrance. She said she lives on Laenui, renting out a room. She is off, seemed nice but out there.

2017-12-24  •  Theft from Vehicle  •  Location: 10 S Laelua Pl (Lot 69)  •  Time: night

Locked car broken into while parked on street. Items stolen: camping gear, money from console, purse.

2017-12-09  •  Prowling  •  Location: Kaiea Place  •  Time: 3:15 am

A man was observed with a flashlight at 3:15am looking into every car parked along both sides of Kaiea Place presumably looking for something to steal. There was a party at one of the houses so there were more cars than usual parked on the street that night.

2017-09-26  •  Theft from House  •  Location: Lot 83 - 18 Laenui Place  •  Time: 3:33 amLot 83 Bicycle thief

This male was caught on camera stealing a bicycle from the front lanai at 18 Laenui Place... he is known on the streets of Paia and in the parking lot of Haiku Mart.

2017-07-03  •  Theft  •  Location: Lot 83 - 18 Laenui Place  •  Time: Between 11am and noon

A man was captured on video stealing a generator from the front lanai of Lot 83. We are still trying to get the footage because the truck was also recorded. A few weeks prior to that, a dirt bike was taken from the same house. The dirt bike was later found abandoned in Makawao.

2017-06-09  •  Property Damage  •  Location: Lot 66 - 26 S Laelua Pl  •  Time: Unknown

A house on S Laelua ended up with a dime-sized hole/chip in the Master Bedroom window. The contractor who looked at it believed it came from a BB gun. It was at a level that could have hit someone if they happened to be in that spot at the time. Those guns seem like toys, but they can be dangerous and damage property. As it was a back window, the BB must have come from the direction of Laenui Place. The window now needs to be replaced at considerable trouble and expense. If you have a child who owns a BB gun, perhaps you should determine if he/she caused the damage and consider reimbursing the owner.

BB guns should not be used anywhere near areas where people, kids, and pets live and play.

2017-06-04  •  Vehicle Break-In  •  Location: 33 N Laelua Pl (Lot 37)  •  Time: Night

A thief stole from an unlocked car in the driveway of Lot 37 loose change from the car console along with a full backpack & diving fins.

2017-04-08  •  Vehicle Break-In  •  Location: 23 Kaiea Place (Lot 4)  •  Time: Night

A truck in the driveway at 23 Kaiea Place had a machete and wallet stolen from it while the owner slept only steps away. The vehicle door had been left unlocked.

A few months ago, the County cleared out the homeless encampment at Kanaha Beach Park so the homeless all moved to Baldwin Beach and Paia. Crime in Paia has skyrocketed. Homeless people have been found early in the morning sleeping in cars on Kuau Bayview streets, mostly near the Makana Park entrance.

I have reported this incident to the police and they promised to increase patrols in KB by 75%. Please chase away anyone sleeping in cars or call MPD. Make note of license plates. Take photos. Install cameras and motion-activated lights. We need to let these people know they are not welcome here. Most are not homeless. They are from the mainland. The officer told me he was in Minute Stop yesterday and there were 2 guys who each had a 6 pack of beer for which they were paying cash and then used EBT cards to buy food. They also had disability cards & handicapped placards (even though they were both perfectly fit). The officer asked how long they had been on Maui (6 months) and how they managed to get EBT cards. They said they ordered them from WA before they left. They were able to do all the paperwork in WA no problem. Just had to apply and get some doctor to say they were unable to work and now they don't ever have to get a job. They asked the officer if that bothered him and he said yes, because both he and his wife worked hard for their money and they didn't get to live right at the beach.

The officer suggested I call Miguel Munoz, the community police officer assigned to Paia. Maybe if we all call and complain about this influx of "homeless," they will make them go back to wherever they came from.

2016-12-18  •  Bike Theft  •  Location: 33 Hoe St (Lot 33)  •  Time: MorningLot 33 stolen bike

This bike was stolen from the front lanai of 33 Hoe St (Lot 33). It did not have the mud-guards or the basket on the front (or the doggie, Wookie) when stolen, but it does still have the pink chain so is quite distinctive. It was not locked up as the owners were eating breakfast and about to go for a bike ride. This is a bold thief to steal in broad daylight while the owners are feet away.

2016-10-31  •    •  Location:   •  Time:
2016-09-11  •  Prowling  •  Location: 47 S Laelua Pl (Lot 40)  •  Time: 5:40 pm

A small, light gray, old, open-bed truck was observed driving very slowly along N Laelua. Occupants were in their 20's. Man was driving. Woman was passenger. They appeared to be non-affluent. They stopped at the end of the cul de sac and appeared to be looking into the open garage at 47 Laelua. The woman lit a cigarette while they sat there. The residents of 47 N Laelua were in the front yard and paying close attention to these intruders. When the truck occupants noticed that they were being watched, they suddenly took off. Many thanks to Jennifer and her dad for standing guard and quickly reporting. I immediately reported this to MPD.

2016-09-10  •  Vehicle Break-In  •  Location: Hoe St, S Laelua Place  •  Time: 8:30 amThieves in white Honda on Hoe St

8:30 am Saturday morning an older white Honda sedan license number MAY 216 was witnessed driving around Hoe St, Lae St, and S Laelua checking for unlocked vehicles. There were 3 young guys in hoodies (driver was female). They would drive along the street, stop, a guy would get out and enter unlocked cars parked on the street, steal what he could, then get back in the Honda and proceed to the next car. The car had a loud, smoking muffler. Many thanks to Steve from Lot 32 for his quick response & these photos. Also to Lisa Daly (Lot 54) for immediately reporting it. The next afternoon this vehicle was involved in a high speed chase in Makawao and the occupants sent to jail.

Two weeks prior to this, this same vehicle and crew entered Makana Park and so frightened an owner who was walking in the park that she phoned a neighbor to come pick her up. A young local man in a hoodie apparently had gotten out of the Honda and approached her carrying a golf club.

Thieves in white Honda on Hoe St

2016-05-14  •  Weird Encounter  •  Location: Lot 69 - 10 S Laelua Pl  •  Time: 6 pm

While Kelly was cooking dinner, a strange young man knocked on the door of Lot 69 at the corner of S Laelua and said to Kelly, "I want you to feed me." This is a homeless man named Dalton who has repeatedly caused trouble & been arrested several times at the Paia Youth & Cultural Center, and on the beaches for physically grabbing women & girls. He is in his early 20's, about 5' 8" tall with short blonde hair, regular weight, looks a little crazy, and is usually on drugs. He talks very loudly. Do NOT give this person any food, money, or engage in any way or he will become our permanent, dangerous problem. His parents are apparently old hippies who live in Haiku and they should be taking care of him but are not. He needs to be in rehab. If you feel threatened, call 911; otherwise, call the MPD dispatch line at 244-6400.

2016-03-01  •  Prowling  •  Location: 88 Lae St (Lot 18)  •  Time: 2:00 am

Lot 18 at 44 Lae St has a home security system that caught the following image of would-be burglars at 2am on March 1st, 2016 (their date codes are dd/mm/yyyy). They must have seen the camera and thought twice about breaking in (thank god).

2014-09-22  •  Theft  •  Location: Lot 33 at 33 Hoe St  •  Time: Unknown

A very expensive mountain bike was stolen from the garage. The actual theft probably happened during the previous 5 days but it was not discovered and reported until Sept 22nd. There was no sign of forced entry so it is believed that the garage side door had been left unlocked. Nothing else was taken.

The circumstances of this theft make me think that it was not some random prowler who chanced upon an unlocked door. I suspect that this bike was specifically targeted by someone who knew it was there. This is a reminder to everyone to keep all doors and windows locked when you leave the house.

2014-06-05  •  Theft  •  Location: Lot 71 at 36 Hoe St  •  Time: 3pm

At about 3pm on June 4, 2014 someone entered an open garage at 36 Hoe St and stole two red plastic gas cans, one 2-gallon, one 5-gallon.

This thief was bold and stealthy because the owners were in their living room at the time and they noticed nothing.

To minimize temptation, at least for the next little while, it's probably best to keep garage doors closed and not leave items in yards if they are visible from the street.

2014-04-11  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 1 at 88 Lae St  •  Time: Between noon & 4pm

Lot 1 at the top of Lae St just outside the park entrance was broken into Friday, April 11, 2014 in the afternoon sometime between noon and 4pm. The items stolen were an iPad, camera, and cash. It appears the thief entered through the garage by utilizing the key pad. He then entered the home and exited through the sliding glass door at the rear of the house. It would seem that it was someone who knew the key code to the garage door.

If you have a key pad on the outside of your garage, perhaps change your code periodically and cover the pad with your hand while you enter the code. The thief at Lot 59 stole binoculars so it is possible someone could sit in a car across the street and watch as the code is being entered. Also make sure the keys themselves don't reveal the code by being worn or dirty.

2014-03-27  •  Trespass  •  Location: Lot 28 at 12 Hoe Place  •  Time: 7:50am

This man was crouched beside the retention basin fence (on the homeowner's side) between lot 28 and 29. The resident froze and stared at the man. He did not move (the kids would have run). As the resident moved toward his lanai door, the man reversed and walked out to Lae St. The resident ran into the house to get a camera then biked down to Hana Hwy and discretely snapped this shot as he peddled back. They made eye contact and the intruder didn't appear to be bothered that the resident was the same guy he had just encountered.

The son of the Lot 28 tenant hopped on his motorcycle to intercept the intruder. "I put the fear of God in him." He said the intruder admitted to "helping himself" to items on other occasions. He said, "the guy wasn't really all there." This intruder was later observed sitting outside Mana Foods with a sign panhandling.

2014-03-21  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 59 at 39 S Laelua Place  •  Time: Between 7pm & 9pm

Someone unlawfully entered an unlocked door at Lot 59 and stole money and binoculars while the owner was next door having dinner. Muddy footprints in the house indicated that entry was from the cane field. The owner felt he had been watched until he left the house. When he asked the three male officers if there had been any other incidents lately, they said no (!).

2014-03-20  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 41 at 55 N Laelua Place  •  Time: afternoonThief apprehended in the back yard of Lot 41

A man was apprehended by MPD between Lot 41 and Lot 30 on Lae St trying to hide a backpack of items stolen from a home across Hana Hwy. He had apparently gotten into the yard from the break in the rock wall on Lae St. This area will be closed off asap.

2014-03-18  •  Theft  •  Location: along the Paia side of Makana Park  •  Time: 7 am

The local boys returned to pick up a plump red bantam chicken (a laying hen, not a feral) in a rusty cage they had hidden along the berm next to the park the previous day. This chicken may have been stolen from a house behind Lot 8 at 252 Kahiko St. The stolen garden bin and jar were recovered when they were found hidden in the cane field, but the chicken & cage were gone by the time I got back there. The ladder was recovered next to the Lot 8 fence.

2014-03-17  •  Trespass  •  Location: Lot 27 at 20 Hoe Place  •  Time: 8 am

Three local teenage boys were observed passing along the Paia side of the Lot 27 house. From his living room, David saw the taller boy perch himself against the fire hydrant at the corner of 20 Hoe Place while the two smaller youths trespassed along the Paia side of the house within 3 feet of the rear bedroom windows. David grabbed his camera and chased them through the walkway into the park. They disappeared into the old subdivision.

A small local girl who lives in the blue house that adjoins the park asked him, "Do you know the names of those boys you were chasing?" She called them by name and said there were usually 4-5 of them and 2 live in the tall brown house next to hers (the kid in the purple shirt does for sure).

David went to the police substation in the community center with the photos and spoke to a female officer. She did not recognize the youths, nor was aware of a problem.

Kaina son, purple shirt beside Bobby's, shirtless kid from Skill Village Kaina son, purple shirt beside Bobby's, shirtless kid from Skill Village Kaina's 13-year-old son
2014-03-17  •  Trespass/Theft  •  Location: Lot 7 at 37 Kaiea Place  •  Time: 10:30am

At about 10:30am five local males (three are seen in the photos above) were discovered in the yard of Lot 7 having carried a ladder from the driveway through a closed 6' gate into the front yard and were trying to climb over the fence into Lot 8 with two chickens. Workmen refused to let them enter so they threw a mango at them and it landed in the living room of Lot 8 as the roof was off. They did a lot of damage to the plants and terraces stomping around Lot 7. They then ran through the back of Lot 7 to the cane field. These men ranged in age from 13 to 18. The shirtless boy is from Skill Village. The tall boy in the beige shirt is Cinda's son from 250 Kahiko St. The boy in the purple T-shirt with white lettering lives in the brown house second from the corner on Kahiko St. There were 2 other boys not in the photos. Three ran mauka, two ran toward Paia, but they joined up and were approaching KB again along the cane road when they saw MPD officer Tau-a and me and ran away again. Later that day I discovered that they had stolen my garden bin and a gallon jar of wheat berries that had been on my back lanai (which I found stashed next day).

I sent Cinda the photos and she was shocked to see her son as the ringleader. Cinda knows all the boys and their parents and has no doubt spoken with them all by now as well as the police officers who took the reports. I'm sure she will do her best to keep them in line. She is very sure that these boys had nothing to do with the house burglaries and does not want anyone pinning all these crimes on the boys.

2014-03-15  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 88 at 55 Lae St  •  Time: Unknown

Jewelry & $240 cash was stolen from a back bedroom. Access was gained through an open bedroom window. Left front door was left wide open when they left. The thief left muddy footprints throughout the house. The empty jewelry box was found in the back yard.

2014-03-14  •  Theft  •  Location: Lot 90 at 67 Lae St  •  Time: Unknown

Dana's cat trap (for catching chickens) was stolen from the front yard of Lot 90.

2014-03-04  •  Robbery & Assault  •  Location: along Hana Hwy east of Blue Tile Roof  •  Time: 3am

I do not wish to alarm anyone but I feel it is important for people to be aware of what is going on out there.

A single story house just east of the blue tile roof had a break in at 3am. Locals cut a bedroom window screen, took a woman's wallet from her night table (not sure if it was while she slept), and spent $99 on her credit card in town.

Someone else also on the makai side a few houses east from above house at 3am on a different day had a "big local woman" knock on the door and ask to use the phone. The resident did not open the door but offered to dial the number. Apparently the woman left but returned and knocked on the door again, the guy opened the door and when he did a large local male came out of the bushes with a baseball bat. The house owner (local guy) fought the male who seemed to have a gun in a holster. It was a plastic gun.

These stories are third-hand and the details are incomplete. But this is scary stuff and it sounds as if criminals are getting desperate. I suspect the police would advise not to ever open your door to a stranger at night, and even be careful during the day. Be vigilant and report suspicious activity.

2012-10-31  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 32 at 21 Hoe St  •  Time: Evening

Burglary on Halloween night. Owner was in Lahaina. Thief pulled up one of the chairs from the back lanai, removed the kitchen screen, and got into the house. Thief stole all the owner's jewelry. Police didn't even notice the window and had to be called back. Police told her, "There must be someone in the neighborhood who doesn't like you." Nothing was ever recovered.

2010-11-01  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 47 at 34 N Laelua Place & 3 other houses   •  Time: daytime

On Halloween night at about 2am from a second story window a large white pickup truck was observed idling in the middle of the road at the end of the cul de sac on Kaiea Place. The driver's window was open and a local man was looking intently at the houses. I went down to the driveway with a flashlight and approached him. As soon as he saw me he took off in a hurry. Sometime the following day four houses on N Laelua (including Lot 47) were broken into. Computer equipment, money, etc was stolen.

2005-06-01  •  Burglary  •  Location: Lot 32 at 21 Hoe St  •  Time: Unknown

Owner believes it was a man who asked if he could graft her Orchid tree. Owner was in Hana for the weekend and when she got back all of her jewelry was missing along with her iPod and the bag it was in.