Community Crime Map: Paia

The police maintain a website that maps all the crimes occurring across the nation. By entering an address or double-clicking on the map, you can zoom right in to Paia and see what types of crimes have occurred where and when.

This is useful to keep abreast of criminals and crimes in the area. The screen shot to the right is from the LexisNexis Community Crime Map website to give you an idea what to expect. Use it to see police reports from specific time periods for a specific area.

To use it to find crimes in and around Kuau Bayview...

  1. Go to
  2. Drag around on the map and zoom in until you see our neighborhood.
  3. Click select all under 'Event' on the left menu.
  4. Click on the little colored icons to see details of the crimes.
  5. Click on the Data Grid tab at the top to see a listing of the crimes.
  6. Click on the Analytics tab at the top to see charts of the crimes.
  7. There is also a free iPhone app.
  8. MPD is developing a new system that will accept texts and pictures from cellular phones when you are reporting a crime.

The MPD has a new service called a Security Analysis. They will come to your property to make security recommendations and crime stopping suggestions. Call Community Relations at 244-6380 to schedule a visit to your home.

Several owners met with two MPD Community Police Officers (CPOs) in 2014 to learn about forming a Neighborhood Watch Committee. We decided that it was unsuitable for Kuau Bayview and instead decided on an opt-in Crime Alert List whereby list members are notified by email whenever something suspicious happens in Kuau Bayview. For this to work, we all need to report incidents right away here so that the neighborhood can be alerted. Luckily, there is very little crime in Kuau Bayview.

LexisNexis Community Crime Map for Paia
LexisNexis Community Crime Map for Paia