Lost & Found

Items that are found around the neighborhood will be posted here. Sometimes balls & toys washed into the storm drains make their way to the retention basin. Please call 579-8077 or email us to arrange for pick up or to report lost & found items.

If you have lost something, please let us know and an email can be sent to the owners. It will also be listed here.

Lost pets are posted on the Lost Pets page.


  1. 08-25-2013 Black & white striped back pack at Lae St & Hana Hwy
  2. 04-01-2013 Cat Eye Opticube device part at Lae St & Hana Hwy
  3. March 2013 Assorted Balls found in retention basin
  4. March 2013 Assorted Toys found in retention basin


  1. July 2012 Leather Gardening Gloves at gate to retention basin

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