Landscape Projects Manual

  • Overview

    The purpose of this manual is to record the details of all present and future landscape projects to make them available online or in the office for viewing by anyone needing this information, such as contractors who may be involved in future projects. The manual provides places to record practically everything related to these projects, from the cost of materials and labor to schematic drawings and pictures of the components of each project’s infrastructure. The recorded measurements used to locate the buried components of the projects will be especially useful to those performing modifications to the irrigation zones in future.

  • SECTION A: Project Location Map

    1. Irrigation System Repairs and Modifications
    2. Garden Projects
  • SECTION B: Parts, Supplies, and Materials Receipts

    All store receipts are coded according to the project number and kept in the manual.

  • SECTION C: Schematic and Maps

    1. Master copies
    2. Project Schematics and Maps with notes on Projects
  • SECTION D: Emergency Water Shut-Offs

    1. Backflow Valve
    2. Irrigation Zone Valve Locations
  • SECTION E: Kuau Bayview Landscape & Irrigation History

  • SECTION F: Notes To Future Landscapers

Tom Atkins pondering pipes
Tom Atkins pondering pipes