How to File a Case in Small Claims Court Maui

  • Guide to Maui Small Claims Court
  • Fill out a Statement of Claim & Notice (General Form) and a Return of Service.
  • Enter only names in Plaintiff & Defendant boxes, no addresses.
  • Put your contact information in the Filing Party box.
  • Put Defendant's address on "Defendant resides..." line.
  • On page 2, on the "To" line, enter Defendant's name only.
  • On the Return of Service form, fill in only down to the "Documents Served" box where you enter Statement of Claim & Notice (General Form). Leave the rest for the Process Server to fill in.
  • Never print the original forms (court copy) 2-sided.
  • You must submit 3 copies of every form to Room 106 which is open 8a-4pm M-F.
  • Always staple together the separate forms but don't combine forms under one staple. No paper clips. The form title should determine what is stapled together.
  • They accept only cash or checks ($35), but prefer cash. Receipt will be given.
  • The court clerk will assign a Case# and stamp it on the forms before filing them and returning 2 stamped copies to you.
  • Process Server: Aqua Legal at 2145 Wells St #302A. Chris Curley 283-2035
  • Complaint against Judges: Commission on Judicial Conduct 808-539-4790
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Westside Maui Sunset