Accounts Receivable

2020 Accounts Receivable

Total $4,190.56 as of Oct 23, 2020. This entire amount is owed by Bruce Boucher & Susan Boucher, the owners of 45 Hoe St (Lot 35) who have refused since October 2015 to pay a fine and reimburse the HOA for landscaping, legal, & collection costs associated with their Lot 35 maintenance violation. Since 2015 the Bouchers have failed to pay their share of the HOA common expenses even though their house is a rental and they collect at least $2950 per month in rent. In Sept 2018 their tenant had to go to court to get her security deposit back. All 91 other owners are paid in full. The Bouchers benefit from the work the rest of us do to keep Kuau Bayview looking good for their rental while costing us time and money. Late fees & interest will continue to accrue until they pay their debt to the Association.


Please note that we do not persecute owners who are in financial difficulty. All we ask is that you please let us know if your payment will be late, and why.

Of course, when we have owners who refuse to pay any amounts due the Association, we have no recourse but to take legal action, and we may enlist outside help from an attorney-run company, Association Dues Assurance Corporation (ADAC), which specializes in collecting Association debts and collects the fees directly from the delinquent rather than the HOA. If the house is rented, the Board may effect a rent intercept on the tenant under HRS 421J-10.6. Such actions are very time-consuming and costly for the volunteers who run Kuau Bayview HOA. It is a shame that one or two irresponsible people can necessitate raising the annual dues for everyone else just because they refuse to pay their fair share or waste the Board's time with vexatious litigation. This is what happened in 2017. Please note that landlords are required to inform their tenants of the DCCRs and other laws to which they as tenants are also subject.

Interest and Late Charges

  1. All sums not paid when due from an Owner shall bear interest from the due date until paid in full at the rate of one and one half percent (1.5%) per month, or at such other interest rate as may be set from time to time by the Board. [ DCCR 8(e) ]
  2. In addition, each Owner shall be subject to a one-time late charge of eight percent (8%) of the unpaid amount if not paid within fifteen (15) days of its due date, or such other late charge as may be set from time to time by the Board. [ DCCR 8(e) ]
  3. In addition, a recurring late fee of $15 per month will apply to any overdue amount owed the Association, or such other late fee as may be set from time to time by the Board. [ DCCR 8(e) ]
  4. Any time an owner's refusal to fulfill his/her responsibilities to the HOA requires our composing, approving, and mailing a Demand Letter, there will be a charge of $50 to cover time, printing costs, material costs, and postal costs. This is less than half what owners were charged under Valley Isle Management and 1/10th what we were quoted by an attorney in Feb 2016.

Accounts Payable

There are no Accounts Payable.

Kingfisher as king of his domain
Kingfisher as king of his domain
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Bird with Praying Mantis