Grievance Status

The Grievance Committee handles complaints & covenant violations. We have Grievance Procedures in place and will do our best to resolve any issues that may come up. Owners should familiarize themselves with the DCCRs so as not to inadvertently commit violations. We would rather be problem-solvers than have to police the neighborhood.

If there are covenant violations in the neighborhood that are adversely affecting you, please fill out a Grievance Form and submit it by mail, email, or place it in the drop box at 37 Kaiea Place. Or you can just explain your problem using the contact form or call 579-8077.

It is Board policy not to act on violations unless a complaint is filed except in cases where the violation is really bad and/or creates a potential danger to residents.

  • Nov 2020 Ocean debris was stored for a few days at Lot 33 awaiting transportation to Oahu for recycling. Considering the great work being done to clean up the ocean around Maui by Love the Sea, this complaint turned to kudos.
  • Sept 2020 A cement truck dumped leftover cement and sand on the County strip along Lot 29 and on the common area behind the utility boxes on Lae St and just left it there. I had to hose down that whole block along the curb.
  • Sept 2020 Various owners have complained about other people's trees and bushes blocking views. The tree owners were contacted and have agreed to allow some cutting. As this problem is becoming widespread as vegetation grows over time, this topic will be on the agenda for the Annual Meeting. The DCCRs set a limit of 30' for tree heights.
  • Sept 2020 There was a report of a homeless person sleeping in the back corner of Makana Park. I found large holes in both the chain link fence and the cattle fence allowing easy access into and out of the park. Kulolio Ranch immediately repaired both fences. Mahalo!
  • Aug 2020 Multiple complaints were received about a school being run by tenants out of a garage at Lot 45. As this is a DCCR violation and so many people were adversely affected, Grievance Procedures were initiated against the owners when the tenants refused to cooperate. The tenant hired lawyers who attacked the Board members. We're hoping the County will force them to relocate their school so that peace can return to KB.
  • Aug 2020 A mention was made about the Lot 36 Arecas encroaching on the sidewalk and the front yard being a mess. As the owners are in Russia, I trimmed the Arecas and cleaned up the Madagascar Olive fruits along the curb. A landscaper is being hired who will clean up the whole property. Problem solved.
  • Aug 2020 A complaint was received about the Lot 17 Arecas blocking the sidewalk and the front yard being full of fronds. As the owners are on the mainland, I trimmed the Arecas and cleaned up the yard. Problem solved.
  • July 2020 Multiple complaints have been received about landscapers using loud power tools early in the morning and waking people up. This topic has been added to the agenda for the Annual Meeting to see if we can find a solution.
  • May 2020 Someone complained about weeds growing in the cracks of sidewalks and along the edge of the asphalt on the streets fronting various lots in KB. These areas are the responsibility of each owner and most landscapers do not bother with the County strip. I drove around to see which lots were the worst (Lots 55,20,30). As the Lot 20 owner was marooned in NY because of Covid, I immediately dug up all his weeds. Then I did Lot 55 because Tom does so much for KB. Rather than bother owners, I am cleaning up various places in KB bit by bit as I find time. This is not my job but it makes the neighborhood look a lot better and I don't mind. Perhaps owners can please instruct their landscapers to keep their sidewalks weed free.
  • May 2020 It was brought to my attention that the County had still not removed the tripping hazards in the walkway from Hoe Place to the Paia Community Center. I had asked them to do it in 2014! Six years was long enough to wait. As this was a safety issue, I removed the irrigation box and the top of the water meter box then buried the rest of it. I cut off a section of the sewer pipe and put the top back on then buried it. I dug up the Plumbago and the Haole Koa stumps and raked the whole area so that it was a smooth path. The Lot 24 owners (Gladys & Bill) have kindly offered to help maintain the pathway from now on. Mahalo!
Arecas trimmed, sidewalk clear
Arecas trimmed, sidewalk clear
Sidewalk grass
Sidewalk grass